Berklee Students from different countries share their favorite A R Rahman Song!

A R Rahman, the Oscar winning Composer  for Slumdog Millionaire and a famous music director from India is visiting Berklee College of Music soon and the students were asked to name their Favorite A R Rahman Song. They have listed some of the fantastic songs composed by A R Rahman. You should really listen to them

List of Songs named in the video

1. Mitwa from Lagaan (2001)

2. Kehna hi Kya from Bombay (1995)

3. Yeh Jo Desh hai Tera (Song, Shehnai Version) from Swades (2004)

4. Ishwar Allah

5. Rangeela Re from Rangeela (1995)

6. Bombay Theme from Bombay (1995)

7. Rehna Tu from Delhi 6 (2009)

8. Tere Bina from Guru (2007)

9. Mann mohana from Yuvvraaj (2008)

10. Thee thee from Thiruda Thiruda (1994)

11. Vinnaithandi varuvaya (2010)

12. Naan yen

13. Lagaan Theme from Lagaan (2001)

14. Chaiya Chaiya from Dil Se (1998)

15. Manippaaya from Vinnaithandi Varuvaya (2010)

16. Implosive Silence from Highway (2014)


So What is your favorite A R Rahman Song?

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