9 Mind blowing facts you need to know about Narendra Modi

1. Shinzo Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister follows only four people on Twitter and guess what, Narendra Modi is one of them


2. Modi has travelled about 3 lakh kms across India in 8 months during his massive election campaign which is equivalent to 7 times the circumference of earth


3. He did not take a single leave in his 13 years tenure as the Chief minister of Gujarat


4. He has a Masters degree in Political Science from Gujarat University


5. He is the most followed Indian Politician on Twitter


6. At one point of time, he left everything up and went to himalayas and wanted to live as an ascetic


7. He sold tea for many years before becoming active in politics


8. He is very particular about his appearance in public, he maintains a trimmed beard after the suggestion from a sanyasi at Ramakrishna Math


9. He is a very good poet and writes in his mother tongue Gujarati and he is fluent in Hindi and English


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    Glad to finally see a leader work in the right direction! I wish people would join hands in helping him instead of mocking him. Why do people try to find some thing negative in good people? Does it flatter their own EGO?
    Well if you want a better world support the RIGHT people!

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