11 Interesting Facts every one must know about Netaji Subash Chandra Bose!

As the country pays homage to one of the greatest Indian Freedom Fighters, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose on his 118th Birth anniversary, we would like to dwell into some of the interesting facts about him.

1. Subash Chandra Bose was ranked 4th in the prestigious Indian Civil Service (ICS) exam in 1919, which he later resigned from. There is a legend about his tenure as ICS officer “One day Bose was carrying a umbrella as it was a Bengali tradition, the Governor general objected to this and Bose kept that umbrella to the general’s neck and told him to mind his behavior”



2. He was the editor of “Forward” newspaper, started the newspaper Swaraj, elected as President of All India Youth Congress, secretary of Bengal State, CEO of Calcutta Municipal Corportaion and then elected as Mayor of Calcutta in 1924.

Subhas_Bose_at_Lahore_City_railway_station_24_Nov_1938 (1)


3. He has been elected as President of All India National Congress for two times



4. He has been imprisoned for more than 10 times during 1921-41. In 1941, he escaped from the house arrest and then went to Gomo from Kolkata by a car and then to Peshawar (Which now is in Pakistan) by train, then to Kabul and finally to Germany to meet Adolf Hitler



5. In 1941, with German funds Bose started Free India Center and a Free India Radio where he used broadcast nightly



6. Bose was married to an Austrian origin woman named Emilie Schenkl. They have a daughter Anita Bose Pfaff who is a well known German economist



7. Bose met Adolf Hitler in 1942, where in Hitler offered to arrange a submarine to Bose. Bose travelled from Germany to Madagascar in two submarines which is considered highly hazardous and it is considered one of his heroic acts



8. Do you know that one of the most popular slogans of India “Jai Hind” is coined by Bose



9. He is called as Father of Indian National Army as he is the one who started Azad Hind Fauz an armed force to fight against British. He is popularly and fondly called as “Netaji” by his followers



10. It has been communicated with the world that he has died in a plan crash in Taiwan. But this has been considered one of the hoaxes created by the then Government of India. It is rumoured that Bose has been captured by Russians and has been exiled in 1950s. Since this can impact Russian and Indian relations it is said that Government of India has kept this as secret. Many people still believe that Netaji did not die and made an escape and has been living in disguise till the day



11. While Netaji was offered India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, his family members rejected the idea because it would considered Posthumous by the government and the family members wanted to probe into his plane crash and know the facts

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