14 Amazing Facts you must know about Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS of India!

Kiran Bedi has been declared as the Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP for the upcoming Delhi Elections. In this respect following are some of the amazing facts of this Tough Lady!

1. She is the First Woman IPS (Indian Police Service) Officer of India



2. She has done her BA in Government college from Women Amritsar, Masters in Social Sciences from Punjab University, Bachelors in Law from University of Delhi and PhD from IIT Delhi



3. Before becoming the first IPS officer of India she worked as a Lecturer of Political Science at Khalsa College for Women, Amritsar.



4. As an IPS officer she worked as/in Traffic Department, DIG of Mizoram, Advisor to Governor of Chandigarh, Director General of Narcotics Control Bureau (Related to Drugs) and Civilian Police Advisor



5. She was awarded the United Nations Medal for her work in Peace Keeping operations of United Nations



6. She is popularly known as “Crane Bedi” for towing Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s car for a parking violation



7. During her tenure as Inspector General of Prisons in Tihar Jail, she brought so many reforms and she is very famous for all those reforms like Vipassana and Yoga in the Prison system.



8. Her Prison reforms has been documented in the film Doing Time, Doing Vipassana and for this she has been awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award and the Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship



9. Kiran Bedi is one of the founders of Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF) founded in 1987 which is dedicated to rehabilitation initiative for the drug addicts



10. Kiran Bedi had set up Vision Foundation in 1994 which works on the field of Police and Prison reforms and her organizations has been awarded “Serge Soitiroff Memorial Award” by United Nations



11. She is one of the key members of India Against Corruption (IAC) along with Arvind Kejriwal under the leadership of Anna Hazare which led to a mass movement which brought the much awaited Lokpal Bill



12. She was the host of popular TV series Aap ki Kacheri (Your Court)



13. Her life story was depicted in many movies, a Telugu movie named “Karthavyam” starring Vijaya Shanthi was loosely based out of Kiran Bedi’s character was one of the biggest hits of 80s in Andhra Pradesh



14. Now she is declared as the Chief Minister candidate of BJP for the upcoming Assembly elections in Delhi


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  2. 2

    This is what Kiran Bedi is. Those who are unfairly trying to show her in poor light, must read her achievements, her contributions and her Bio.

    Nobody is 100% perfect in this world. But from the time she is being projected as Chief Ministerial Candidate for Delhi, the experts in propagating only negatives are unfairly not speaking about her capabilities as a strong administrator and her clean and non corrupt image in social life.

    Yes those who want to target her character with political motives they can go on doing it till the cows come home. But every one of us forgets that, nobody, nobody is 100% perfect in this world. What´s important is to see… if the candidate is Honest or not and is capable of delivering. That ´s all. We don’t need politicians that we have been seeing for the last 67 years We don’t even need a smooth talker who is but Zero on performance and delivery. We don’t need an orator who can mesmerize audience but dishonest to the core.

    Today, we need.for Delhi an able strong, strict, administrator who can take on Mafia Raj, Drug lords, Rapist and criminals who are working with the corrupt local government officials in a place like Delhi which is a Capital city of India.

    It is a shame that because mafia want Delhi to be powered on Generators, water mafia want drinking water to be sold in tankers to Delhi residents, Transport mafia want their buses to run on Delhi roads, Police are not capable of providing safety to women and Rapes are on rise. Corruption in government offices, police, traffic dept. is deep rooted, Slums are growing by the blessings of corrupt politicians and India´s capital city Delhi has highest pollution?

    When will Delhi Change And Who will Change Delhi? These corrupt politicians?

    If Delhi does not choose a good administrator who has 40 long years of clean and proven track record of efficient and effective administrative experience, it would be only unfortunate story.

    Forget all your negative politics and unfair judgements being passed to paint everyone with black paint. We need to rise above from petty politics and judge people fairly from their merits.

    May be this country is suffering from bad, poor and corrupt governance because we choose wrong people for wrong reasons and then justify ourselves. We all need to get out of that bias political mindset and look at our options with the right perspectives. We might find right solutions to our problems

    Kiran Bedi does not come from political background that itself is one good merit. We need people in governance who are selfless, and do not play political games with the electorate.

    Think about it and then shoot.

  3. 3

    I hope after getting elected as a CM-of Delhi she will not join the group of Black-money makers. All the great people speak and promise so many things to accomplish, but, in India right from Jawahar lal Nehru to till date the India’s prime concerned problems are not been solved. Bribery, corruption, and criminals in politics, black money in Swiss banks and what not.? We Indians believe everybody. But, finally no appropriate solution for all these problems haven’t found. Jai Hind.

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