Reply to the Open Letter “Dear Smriti Irani, stop giving my money to IITians” published on Scroll

There is this open letter that was shared on India’s premier Online Media site Scroll. I don’t know who this guy is but he makes so much noise that I want to give him a reply to each of his points.

Dear Smt Smriti Iraniji,

At the drop of a hat, every government, including yours, says that subsidies are bad for the economy and should be done away with.

Many of the subsidies in your ministry are going to those who don’t deserve it. IITians are the most guilty of this pilferage. To make things worse, they hardly do anything for the country. Best-selling fiction is not known to help farmers.

1) To begin with, this is what they cost us
While it takes over Rs 3.4 lakh to educate an IITian per year, the student pays only Rs 90,000 per year. The rest is borne by the government. That is close to Rs 2.5 lakh per student per year, which is being paid by the tax payer. If one extrapolates this to all the 39,540 students in the Indian Institute of Technologies, the cost borne by the tax payer on educating IITians extends to 988.5 crore annually.

According to budget estimates, Rs 1703.85 crore is to be allocated to the IITs for 2015-’16.

Okay, good to know the fact that IITs get 1700 Crores an year. Do you know the budget of MIT for a financial year? $2.918 Billion which is 17,508 crores. A single University in USA gets 10 times the funding which all the IITs combined get in India but I never heard people ranting about MIT in USA. (Oh okay may be that’s why they got so many Nobels isn’t it?)

2) What do we get in return for the Rs 1,700 crore we spend on them?
Inspite of producing 9,885 world-class engineers in computer science, electrical, electronic, chemical, mechanical, production fields every year…

a) The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, though successful with the Russian Cryogenic Engine, has time and again failed with the indigenous cryogenic engine. We have succeeded only once with our indigenous cryogenic rocket.

b) Indigenous submarines are still a distant dream because of the technological complexity in building them. Though many projects are coming up in our own shipyards, they are happening because we are merely manufacturing them in India with foreign technology.

c) The indigenous Indian Small Arms System rifles for our army, developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation, have always been reported as problematic, and we import assault rifles from Israel.

Why could our world-class engineers, who are educated with tax payers’ money, not have built them?

I am sorry I guess there is something fishy in your argument. So if 1000 Crores is spent on Students Education alone so only 700 crores is allotted to the salaries of the professors, working staff, electricity, labs maintenance, god knows what those big machines are inside those big campuses? Please Enlighten.

So you are conveniently talking about the failures happened with GSLV but not the ISRO’s Chandrayaan success isn’t it? But I will tell you both the success and failures are not because of some group of people. It is up on the organization. From your other fact, only 2% of people in ISRO are from IITs/NITs, so IITians just can’t be blamed. So coming to the other point in your argument why have our world class engineers did not built all these things? It’s because our country doesn’t have world class facilities like Israel/USA, our country doesn’t have world class funding like Israel. But you know what our country’s has? Awesome reservations, More awesome bureaucracy. 

3) This is what our top IITians gave a miss
A Right to Information application that was filed recently has shown that less than 2% of engineers at the Indian Space Research Organisation are from IITs and the National Institutes of Technology. Our best space programme doesn’t get our best engineers every year.

The army doesn’t get engineers and officers from the IITs. Between 1986 and 2006, not a single IITian has joined the Indian army.

The DRDO has a shortage of more than 2,700 scientists, and it is stretched and overworked, but our world-class engineers don’t find it challenging.

I guess you are not thinking correctly Research is different. Being an engineer is different. If you are talking about research that’s happening in the country talk about the PhDs not the engineers. And why IITians are not joining these organizations but at the same time they are joining government organizations like NTPC, Coal India, HPCL, IOCL etc? Because they are well maintained unlike DRDO.

4) If an IITian wants to run an online shop, then why do I, a taxpayer, have to pay for his chemical engineering degree?
Going by 2013 figures, Flipkart, the online mega-store, recruited seven students from IIT Madras in 2013.

One can understand the logic behind Flipkart hiring a computer science engineer. But six of the hires had studied aerospace, chemical, metallurgy, bio-technology and engineering physics. What specialist knowledge will they bring to Flipkart?

These students do not have any interest in what they learnt in their four-year undergraduate programme, and want to erase their history by moving to a different field.

5) Why did I pay for Chetan Bhagat’s mechanical engineering degree?
I have nothing against Chetan Bhagat, but I do know that Indian taxpayers paid to make him a mechanical engineer. He has done everything but engineering.

Another RTI filed with IIM Bangalore has revealed that out of the current batch of 406 students, 97 students are from IITs. Fifty-six of these are students with less than two years work experience.

If all these engineers wanted to be was managers, why does the tax payer need to pay for their engineering education at the IITs?

Okay, both your points 4 & 5 are stupid. I have studied Biology till my 10th standard on my father’s money. My father didn’t ask me why I have taken Math Physics and Chemistry in my +2? Did your father ask you the same? Did he ask you to study Biology, Social Sciences and every other thing even after your 10th standard? So it’s the same thing, studying Chemical/Civil Engineering for Four years doesn’t mean I am bound to work on a job you want me to. In fact FYI, a typical Bachelors course in IIT in any stream doesn’t have 100% Core courses. That is if I am in Civil Engineering I will not have the Civil Courses for all my 190 Odd credits. A very good number of those credits cover Math, Physics, Humanities and other Electives. It means logically I have studied other things more than Civil Engineering. 

Do you really understand how much money does Chetan Bhagat and his books (ofcourse I hate him as a writer) have created so far in India? (Think about all those book stores, book printers, distribution companies). So by your advice Chetan Bhagat should have been a Mechanical Engineer working for a government organization like Coal India or so, live in remote areas and keep cribbing about the kind of work he does? 

Do you know how Flipkart has changed the entire Indian Startup market? Though technically speaking Flipkart is not officially an Indian company since it is registered in Singapore the amount of business it has created in India and the way it has changed the online shopping is phenomenal. So by your argument Sachin Bansal should have been a good chemical engineer and join some PSU and again rant. Isn’t it? Do you even know that Chemical Engineering or any Engineering branch involves lot of Analytics and Optimization related stuff which actually is used a lot by Flipkart?

Atleast be consistent with what you say, IITians went on to become Civil Servants, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, CEOs, Analysts, Engineers and so on. They pursued their passion man. You cannot ask a kid to serve in Indian army just because he is born in India, isn’t it?

6) Get a loan, why seek a subsidy?
All students from IITs can get collateral-free loans from nationalised banks for upto Rs 20 Lakh.

And IITians are obviously so awesome that companies are eager to pay them crores of rupees.

Then why should a world-class engineer who makes crores of rupees and adds no value to India be given a subsidised education at the IITs? Can’t they get educated with a bank loan of their own and repay it after getting their huge salaries?

IITians doesn’t make crores to start with. If you see the Brain Drain section in IIT Wikipedia, you will know how much percentage of IITians are going abroad and how many are staying in India. So there you go, yeah IITians add no value to India.

7) Remittances help forex? Nope, not really.
Whenever there is a debate on brain drain from the IITs, the remittances issue pops up. Many believe that IITians who go abroad send back remittances and contribute to foreign exchange reserves. However, it is a pittance for India.

A report in the Economic Times shows that out of the total remittances of $70 billion to India, the remittances from IITians who go to developed countries is much lower than the remittances from the Middle East to the state of Kerala.

Most of the Malayalis in the Gulf are blue-collar workers, not IIT engineers.

Please sir, my mind got screwed after reading this. Do you really know how many IITians are there abroad on whole? Hardly 25-30K and most of them are settled in USA before 1990s (before the liberalization). Do you know how many Keralites are there in Gulf? 2.5 Million. I think you can do the Math.

So, why should the common man subsidise an IITian’s college fees?


Not to offend you but the following are some people who studied in some IIT (which you think did not contribute anything to India)

1. Narayanamurthy – Founder of Infosys (Created n number of jobs in India, yeah no value to the country)

2. Nandan Nilekhani – Co-founder of Infosys

3. Raghuram Rajan – Governor of RBI (What are you doing in RBI, Mr. Rajan? Who cares about Rupee?)

4. Manohar Parrikar – Chief Minister of Goa and now the Defence Minister of India (Oh man, you should have been some Engineer in some company)

5. Duvvuri Subbarao – Ex Governor of RBI

6. Vinod Kholsa – Founder of Sun Microsystems (a company which has created the programming language called JAVA which most of the Indian IT Job holders use, yeah no value to the country)

7. Arvind Kejriwal – Chief Minister of Delhi (Why are you doing all this drama? You are no value to the country)

8. H C Verma – Author of Concepts of Physics and Professor at IIT Kanpur (Sir, these people think you have not contributed anything. I am really not sure whether Physics can be the same without your books)

9. Chetan Bhagat – Author (Of course his books are stupid, yeah he is no value to the country)

10. Sachin and Binny Bansal – Founders of Flipkart (Yeah Amazon is doing all sorts of things to give competition to Flipkart and hey people you are no value to the country)

11. IAS Officers like Ashok Khemka, Raju Narayana swamy

12. Amit Singhal – Senior Vice President at Google (Yeah, Google no way has added value to India)

13. Sundar Pichai – Senior Vice President at Google, leads Android (yeah, Indian companies like Micromax, Karbonn and god knows what are living just because of Android and sorry Mr.Pichai you are no value and Google you too)

These are just the names out of my head.


Do you know Zomato, Quikr, Myntra, Snapdeal, Yatra,  were founded by IITians?

Do you know that the startup named Farms and Farmers which has been lauded for its initiatives was started by IITians?

Do you know the famous NIIT which has been teaching computer education in India was founded by IITians?

Do you know that 62% of IIT KGP faculty are IIT Alumni?

Do you know that 60% Ph Ds in engineering field in India were awarded by IITs?

Do you know that Over 70% of alumni are working in India (per 2003 report)?

Do you know that 15% of IITians go abroad. Rest prefer India-based industry (per 2011 report)?

Do you know that 54% of the top 500 Indian companies currently have at least one IIT alumnus on their board of directors?

Do you know that through NPTEL, “IITs not only teach Indians, but the whole world.”?


You can read all about them here


And finally for the VALUE PART and YOUR MONEY PART for which the letter has been addressed to Smriti Irani, I would like to cite you this article since you have been citing from so many, do you know that one rupee on an IITian gives an impact of 15 Rs to the country? Don’t believe me? Read this for yourself

Scroll being one of the leading online media websites in India has a global rank of 6000+ which means it should be getting atleast 50,000 users a day. So they have a minimum responsibility in posting content which makes sense or not. I hope Scroll stops posting such shitty open letters which not only wastes people’s time but also carries out a negative message about the pride of our country.


Of course I was being sarcastic in my article.

1. Comparing the funds of MIT with IITs is not fair

Of course, it’s not fair. If you convert the dollar to rupee thing and standard of living the numbers surely are exaggerated. But that’s not the point what I was talking about. Those 1700 crores are not just spent on Students education, they are spent on so many things. The point is IITs doesn’t just have the BTech students, they have a lot of PhDs who are doing a lot of great work. If you really want me to list out every other thing what every body is doing I would really urge you to goto each IIT’s website and go to the department’s webpage and understand the kind of work they are doing.

2. Listing 13 names is not enough

Okay, people I listed 13 because, the general junta knows about them. If you really want me to list each and every IITian I can do that but you will get bored. If you are free enough to browse, you can go to the Quora link given above to see all the people who are in administration or some government thing.

And hey I really have a question for you. What is the obsession of defence/government organizations for you guys? So are you really patriotic or dumb to understand that private organizations are equally good enough to create economy in this country. Last time I know, it’s the liberalization by PV Narasimha Rao and Manmohan Singh that worked out well. And I will give you one example which can tell you what I am trying to say. Privatization of telecom companies in 90s created a telecom revolution in India which created n number of job opportunities. The point is whatever job a person does in this country it always get contributed to the country man. As I have already told, you cannot ask a Kid to join the Army just because he got benefited by getting birth in this Country. It’s his choice.

People, I really feel sorry for the people who are thinking that I am asking the kid to hold guns. It’s a metaphor. I’m saying that just because a person is born in a country and got benefited by the resources available in the country, you can force him to serve the government. So, please stop your convenient comments.

And I agree to your point that IITians run after money. Yeah, why not? If Mark Zuckerberg can valuate his invention Facebook for a 100 Billion dollars why can’t the guy who has good knowledge can opt a better paying job? I will give you one more example. You have a government telecom company and a private co. Obviously you can do a lot of things faster, better and with a good pay in this private company and it has similar impact on the society. So what is the logical decision as a person you will take? You will opt for a private company. Simple.

3. Comparing Subsidies to Reservations

Oh yeah. I am not smart enough to bring amazing comparisons brother. That is the highlight of my writing.

So, you don’t want to subsidize the education for the smartest engineers of your country (okay, that is by JEE standards). Fine, you have an opinion there mate. From what I have been seeing from my childhood. Rewards are the only way you can make people work with enthusiasm. If I am not getting recognized in my class for being the topper I will eventually lose interest. The same way the government of India which I guess is smart enough than most of us people rewards the students who topped the exam.

4. Lame Reply

Thank you for reading my article mate.

5. MIT students are bound to a project for US Defence

Enlighten me sir, last time I heard from my friends they were working for companies like Amazon, Google etc.

6. Many People are dictating their terms that IITians has to work for India no matter what.

I will tell you what is wrong with your ideology. To start with India is not a socialist/communist nation. Coming to your getting pissed about your tax money going to IITians. Let me ask you one thing, what is it you want from your tax money? You want returns from your money or creation of jobs and economy or Missiles? If all you want is missiles, I am sorry that’s not what development is mate. Grow up, just because Israel having cutting edge military doesn’t mean we need to be like Israel. Every country is different. And what’s with the dictatorship attitude people? I guess most of you guys who are commenting did not study Computer Science or Computer related course, isn’t it? Do you know even Electronic items like the PC/Mobile you are using in the market are subsidized? What the heck are you doing with my tax money? Buying a mobile phone for your personal purpose and writing shit on Internet. I don’t want you to do that.


Okay, since I was sarcastic for the most part of my article. I will give a one line reply for the Open Letter.

“IITians give back 15 Rupees to India for every 1 Rupee spent on them”.

So, you can keep arguing.

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  1. 1

    I am an alumni of IITK. Worked for Verizon Communication, USA for 2+ years and then came back and joined State university as Asst. Professor. IITians are spread throughout all over India and very less no. of alumnis are settled abroad and even if they are they are helping their friends staying in India by sharing the technology and ideas this bridging the gap between Indian mindset and western mindset.

  2. 2

    Firstly IITians are not a disgrace to the country the way you have depicted. Secondly, the reason for which ppl have left to abroad lies in this same country India. Third point is we do deserve scholarships because the govt thinks that we.might come in use. Why insult such eminent people who have done something there than engineering at IIT. Every single human born in this country have their own rights to choose what they want to. Sorry, even animals have their own rights. The other thing is if we have done nothing to this country the same goes to all the other students belonging to uncountable number of engineering colleges in India. So stop commenting on IIT and its students. I don’t know why people always go against the iitans maybe jealousy

    • 3

      The author’s intention is straightforward- to make India a self reliant country by doing its own research ( which can be done by the scientists only & not accountants) and stop importing things from around the world.
      If you look at most modern inventions, there will be an Indian involved someway or the other. So why can’t they spend the same time in India so that India itself can start exporting inventions rather than import them.

    • 4

      The government should not susidise IIT education.If the education costs few lakhs/year let them pay it .There is absolutely no need for a tax payer to bear the burden.IITs are utter failiures.They are fit for writing java code in MNC.
      The government departments like ISRO,DRDO are really production departmnets.Hardly any true research going on there.If a telented engineer joins as Engineer ‘SC’ with in ten years he/she is unlikely to become chairman no matter how much talent he or she poses.You have to wait for five years for next promotion.Nobody will be fired for incompetence.
      About Abdul Kalam does any one tell how many patents he has or any research papers in reputed international journal.He became famous only after becoming president.
      Private sector also no true research going on.I wish there is complete IT industry(I mean application software) failiure and all the people loose job.We will know the true value.
      For application software maximum qualification needs a pass in 10th standard.No Engineering knowledge needed.

  3. 5
    • 6

      Exactly. Typical IITn’s reply. Rude, Over confident, arrogant and disrespectful!
      They think there are far superior than other engineers. They are not a**h*les!

      • 7

        They were sarcastic, not rude or disrespectful. The point is, the government provides subsidies as a way of encouraging greater performance in academia. The author stated that in his point “Comparing subsidies with reservations”. There may be a few arrogant engineers you have come across coming from IITs but that doesn’t mean you should generalise their demeanours based on their college. And quite clearly, we all can see who is being disrespectful here.

  4. 8

    Raghuram Rajan, Governor of RBI: What are you doing in RBI, Mr. Rajan? Who cares about Rupee? Being an Electrical Engineer from IIT D you should Add Value to the Indian Society by joining Power Grid Corporation of India. You can earn huge Rupee working there. I can guarantee you’ll not blame the package. grin emoticon


  5. 9

    question is.. Why do we need to pay for those who wont return any thing back. At least students from other colleges do work in Indian companies.

  6. 10
  7. 11

    i feel we can keep it very simple……
    Let Every IITian be given a loan(without any guarantee or any collatoral) for the full 4 yr or so education and once they get into any job, it should be deducted from their salary monthly emi based.
    And let the IITs either invent or discover or do anything with what they have learnt

  8. 12




  9. 13

    if IITians are given such preferences and considered to be the repute of India
    why are the doctors studying in government institutes levied with either 1 yr of work under the goverment ( irrespective of the working conditions in a rural place with unavailaibilty of resources .staff and basic medicines) or pay bonds of 50 lac.. the government states that the money is spent on the education of us and so it our duty to serve the government..

  10. 14
  11. 15

    Can anybody give some statistika about what percentage of IIT graduates or Masters-degree holders (who got educated on Govt subsidies) worked in India & what percentage went to USA/Europe never to return?

  12. 16

    I found this above response article ( to original post hilarious. Original post has lot of facts not just rants about IITs and IITians.

    1. In this post this proud IITian compared IITs with MIT which is a private institute unlike
    IITs gets most of money from prestigious alums in the form of endowments (Author who is/was an IITian not even bothered to verify this. DUH!! ).
    2. People in other posts were expressing their genuine strong opinions not just ranting about IITians because of
    jealousy,cause they are paying money for this so called genius kids to go to prestigious institutes.
    3. In some of the comments proud IITians mentioned not sufficient funds in Indian research fields to build submarine or a stealth military graded plane.
    When you know this fact upfront why you going to IIT by spending lot of taxpayers money.When your ultimate goal is join some Google/facebook,why don’t you take a loan and study in some prestigious private institutes.
    4. People are jealous of IITian not cause of you studying in premier institute but cause of you giving your contributions to another country or some corporate world.
    5. Flipcart added 12 IITians, what for ? To mine emails on the open groups on the internet and send spam emails to the users of internet?
    6. Flipcart started 15+ years after started.So, is it a big innovation now? And said making lot of contributions to India. It’s like any other business who saw potential in India’s economy.
    7. And coming to proud IIT alums like Chetan bhagat who wrote books not on Indias economy as a IIM passed out but was writing about romance of a girl with his brother’s friend during godra time.
    May be he contributed to indian economy but he is pure business man.
    And about Sundar Pichai making india proud as Google Product Chief which includes Android, chrome apps. Do any IITian who is reading post can tell Original author of android with out opening another tab and searching for his name?. Not certainly Sundar.
    8. When so called geniuses has so much talent why don’t they start a internet business like Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg by not spending Indias Money just sitting in their homes.
    9. And again premier institutes in USA/Western country receive lot of endowments but how many IIT alums do endowments to their institutes?

    So, please accept these as opinions not as rants when other talk about you in a criticizing way. And you guys are not hand made sculptures of god. You are just humans like any of us and treat others with respect.

    • 17

      My dear HRD Minister:
      If corrupt politicians-businessmen-bureacrats nexus are able to amass lakhs of crores of rupees of public money, then why can we not spend a mere Rs.1700 crore or even much more than as a motivational factor to the hard work an IITian has to put in and because of him the Indian mind has carved a niche worldwide. Dear Minister, don’t influence broad hearted Indians by your too narrow outlook. The government has to make the government job an attractive offer instead of blaming the Indian mind cream. Better to take a advice from our respected PM before expressing your ill feeling toward the most prestigious institute of the country.

  13. 18
    • 19

      Almost all Engineering research of India belongs to IIT’s and IISC.
      You might be jealous of your iitians friends.
      Were you debarred of JEE conducted by iit??

  14. 20

    I think u all should stop arguing n keep on doing ur own duty…afta all doing ur own duty will automatically benefit our country…

  15. 21

    Typical IITns arrogance! Rude, Over confident, arrogant and disrespectful!
    They think there are far superior than other engineers. Growup a**h*le!

  16. 22

    Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Thank you so much, However I am encountering problems with your RSS.
    I don’t understand the reason why I am unable to join it.
    Is there anybody getting similar RSS issues? Anyone who knows the
    answer will you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  17. 23

    This statement is totally right… why should taxpayers money be used for people who do not work towards the development of the country?
    If IIT graduates want to go abroad, let them pay their fees with their own money. If they are going to use taxpayers money they will have to work for their country for atleast a period of 10 years….if not they should be given their certificates. In USA, students graduate and work in the same country or atleast help the economy of that country. So someone needs to put up an order restricting the practice of students going abroad for work.

  18. 24

    It is going to sound annoying someone is running a tea stall and telling you I am sharukh khans brother.. Like this Indian governtmet has to focus more on building this country a better place not same like last two and three yrs ago than investing those proffesionals who will come out feed themselve more than to own country. I will never be proud . I live in this building n have this honor but my ground is poor India.

  19. 25

    The most bullshit argument, I have ever found on internet.
    This is not in interest to India. IITs has deviated from its goal Nehru formed and now only one aim to supply cheap technical labour to developed countries.
    I just want to say if India has to be self driven, ingenious, developed, Government has to focus more on Science than technology. Then only citizens can understand importance of Technology, else mncs will be selling their product to India and a person like the writer will be justifying this. I just want to tell MIT’s government fund is less than IITs. It earn more through R&D. The writer of the article is either foreign funded or foreign minded.
    I have few questions if anybody can answer please:
    1. Has any IITian created any webmail for India? the easiest business it could be?
    2. Has any IITian ever revolutionised Indian agriculture, automobile, textile, transport, public administration, politics?
    3. has any IITian given any theory, won noble, extraordinary to human society?

    Really I am in the view to stop Government funding for IITs

  20. 26

    What is wrong with the Government paying for further educating the brightest of us? I am not an IITian by ANY means. But why is this article pin pointing IITians?
    They are just another bunch of college goers who are more talented than common engineers like ourselves. Why not pick on normal non-IITian college goers who are also state sponsored during their college years? Please stop fanning hatred out of your jealousy. It takes a good amount of skill and dedication to set foot into that place. So please don’t desecrate IIT.
    Also, the only reasons people don’t stay at India is because of the lack of good pay, the backwardness and ill treatment by superiors. I have personally worked at India for 2 years and have never had a single day where your superiors respect you, or your opinion.

  21. 27

    Ya the one who ask the questions may be right. But what are you doing man doesn’t you have the same opportunity toget that all the things or u doesnt qualify for that all the things ? Ah….all have the opportunity to get this so called subsidies. Its all depend on you , you may have not cracked jee (main and advanced) while others do.

  22. 28

    Education from nursery to PhD should be more or less free to all…It should be made birth right….Similarly, health care should be free…33% direct tax plus average of 14% indirect tax (total middle class tax=47%) which is more than any country in the world…What we get in return of this taxes paid?….Like other developed countries (where citizens pay even less % taxes), Do we get good free education, free healthcare, security and safety, good law and order, basic infra like road, electricity, social security money from govt. on retirement(like pension) in lieu of taxes paid etc..Whatever little small benefit is available from govt., people are misled to believe that they should not get even that small benefit from govt….

  23. 29

    Man, I have had loads of respect for the IITians since always as two of my best friends are from IIT and I have done Engineering from a Normal Engineering college. All I had wanted in my life was to pursue Engineering from an IIT but I guess I wasn’t smart enough to crack JEE but you people are and whatever you have been doing for the country makes me feel proud in a way. This reply just raised thr respect I have for you people. That was one tight slap on the face of this man who wrote this shitty open letter which didn’t make any sense to me. So, Hats off!

  24. 30

    The questions raised by both for and against IIT spending are serious in nature and can not be brushed aside by citing examples. In India we nurture bonding thro family, caste , religion, region and language to a greater extent( than developed countries) which often fail our subjective assessment be it in government or in private enterprise. Government activity is in public domain whereas such aberrations in private entities go unreported. This skewing starts from selection process in admissions to professional institutes be it IITs or IIMs to a great extent travels up to recruitment ,promotion and even in assignment after retirement. The west (particularly US), which is comparatively free from bonding (Exceptions are there eg. have a close look at board members of federal bank! or university lobbying for Nobel prices as my American professor used to hint at four decades ago.) offered a level playing field with greater objectivity and lured the brainy from all over the field till recently. Unfortunately the migrants have started the colouration there also recently . Then how to change the situation in India for good. Mere slogans , rhetoric and blame game will not do. In my opinion Dr. Manmohan Singh
    quietly started this by changing the pattern of administrative services selection after +2 and grooming them in a particular field. Unfortunately the vested IAS lobby scuttled the move and put it in cold storage.Weather you like it or not India is run by IAS ever since the coalition politics emerged. Changed Administrative service will hopefully bring level playing field , professionalism and respect to labour( In US you shell out $100 for one hour for cleaning your one bathroom (more than double the software salary! ) )Then people will not run away. Stopping the fund is like killing the bird laying golden egg. Of course there are a few enlightened unbiased patriotic citizens in India who have answers for these problems in the country whom these rightfully agitating minds could find out and form a group to bring a social reform. Of course you should have political will .Pandit Nehru backed Mr.Homi Bhabha and Madam Indira Gandhi picked Mr.Abdul Kalam. May God help India come out of these clutches

  25. 31


  26. 32

    There are so many ways in which your (taxpayer’s) money is spent terribly. So much corruption and scams like the CWG scam have caused in much more loss in money. What is spent for the IIT’s isn’t really that much, especially if it’s for a good cause. Also why don’t you all work in government organizations? Why do most other Indians work in private companies? Because they offer higher salaries among other reasons. Anyone would go to a place where opportunities are better. So instead of complaining about IITians leaving, why not give them better salaries here. Make them want to work in India. That’s the simple solution. Have a nice day 🙂

  27. 33

    What a F***ing reply …. WHY IIT STUDENTS CANT HAVE EDUCATION JUST LIKE OTHERS… whats so special about them …. use countries money and fly away to work for others only for money.
    1700 C could have been used for unemployed people in india rather than wasting on IIT students

  28. 34

    Whatever the discussion is all about, but it should not be like this as it is rude and argumentative as the person who talked about subsidies and benefits given to IITiens has not brought the facts in front of everybody to get some benefit for himself. He might be wrong in some points but atleast he made an attempt to bring some facts in front of people who are not familier with these things.
    Both parties can be right in their own aspects but atleast the reply made in the above article could have been a descent reply.


  29. 35

    Bhawanaon ko samjho.

    The drawback of going point by point is you miss the big picture. The big picture is you guys haven’t done enough, get your act together and start contributing first is the mainstream and established system and then probably deviate and create and water your on entrepreneurial ideas. You’ve given 13 names, even if you give 50 its not enough. We’ve had enough of this over emphasis on engineering degrees in general and I IT and NIT in particular. Time to cut down the your ill deserved glamour. Contribute.

  30. 36

    Major systems need overhaul not only monitarily but in terms of active and long term technical support. Armed forces, farming at ground level, transport systems including railways, environmental conservation and development of alternative sources of energy… c’mon where are you guys, no one is in the scene. The two politicians you just mentioned in your defence, one is he’ll bent on derailing established working systems and has directionless frustration, the other wears chappals and walks with hands in pocket while receiving salutes from men in uniform ( very symbolic of his actual understanding of the post he is heading). So much so for being unorthodox, thank you very much. We ‘ve seen it enough for a couple of decades, it’s not working start working at ground level and of required in remote areas.

  31. 37

    From 1947 to 2016… politicians or their son or daughter haven’t joined neither Indian Army, nor IAF, nor Indian Navy….This will continue for next 200 years….But we have no problem with that…What we care is cheap publicity

  32. 38

    When doctors are made to provide rural health service after completion of 5 years of education … Why can’t IITans be made to work for rural India after 3 years of education.. Infrastructure and technology are also important for rural India..

  33. 39

    If India doesn’t have world class facilities.. Then it makes more sense to invest in providing such facilities and help students who actually can’t afford..

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