People around the world celebrates International Yoga Day! Indian PM Narendra Modi leads the way!

Today is International Yoga Day as declared by UN. People around the world celebrated it by performing Yoga asanas. In India Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister participated in the event along with 37,000 members near Rajpath making it one of the biggest events.

Many celebrities from India participated as well. Shilpa Shetty, the famous Bollywood actress performed Yoga along with Siddharamaiah, Chief Minister of Karnataka and 10,000 other members.

Around 47 Islamic nations participated in this event. Also people from various countries participated in this event. PM Narendra Modi has proposed to this resolution on Yoga Day during his recent visit to New York.

Below are some of the pictures people performing Yoga around the world.


Narendra Modi leading 37,000 people performing Yoga near Rajpath. Photo Credits: Hindustan Times


People performing yoga under Eifel Tower in Paris. Photo Credits: Reuters


People performing Yoga in Kaula Lampur of Malaysia. Photo Credit: AP


Kids performing yoga in Kashmir state of India. Photo Credits: Hindustan Times


People performing yoga in Taiwan. Photo Credits: AP


Shilpa Shetty performing yoga in Bangalore. Photo Credits: AFP


Members of NCC perform yoga in Kolkata on the eve of International Yoga Day. Photo Credits: Hindustan Times


People performing yoga in Beijing, China. Photo Credits: AP

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