This man from Hyderabad feeds poor daily under a bridge with his own money! Respect Sir!

Azhar Maqsusi, a 36 year old common man from Hyderabad did something amazing. He changed the way of using free space under a flyover. Unlike the space being used for the parking of heavy vehicles he started feeding poor with his own money. All he needed was will power.



Everything started three years back when Azhar came across a handicapped lady Ms. Lakshmi begging near a railway station. He decided to do something for the poor. The very next day his wife cooked food and he served it for the hungry there. This now has become a full time program for Azhar. Under the bridge they serve one meal a day to 100-120 people.




Initially his wife used to cook at home and he used to serve the food. Now the cooking place has shifted under the bridge with a full time cook cooking for the people who arrive. Any one who is hungry can go to the place and fill their stomach.

Nearly 25 KG of rice, 2 KG Pulses, One litre of oil and spices are required daily which costs around 1500 – 1700 rupees per day including the salary of the cook. Azhar who has Plaster of Paris interiors business says he is very much satisfied with what he is earning and want to help more mouths which are hungry.

Azhar’s friends are a big help to him in carrying out this program successfully. We really hope people recognize his great efforts and get all the help he can to carry out these beautiful things he is doing.





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