A letter to Annapurna Sunkara saying “Violence is not the solution for Violence”!

Following is a letter written by one of our readers on their blog “Engineer with a creative Brain” to Annapurna Sunkara’s video on Telugu movies and India’s daughter! The views are of the original author’s. We are republishing the post after!

Dear Annapurna,

I have been questioning myself since I have seen your second video. We share the same thoughts/concerns and yet I am not able support you. I strongly believe in women supporting other women and yet I couldn’t.  I tried, but my conscious was stopping me from agreeing with you. For a moment I felt I am a person who cannot support another women or I am jealous of your proactiveness and then I realized it’s not me, but it’s your approach.

People call me a feminist. I strongly believe in women and child empowerment. I have done a research on how Telugu movies in 1990s have affected the society and views on women. There were scenarios where the entire theme of the movie was to get the lead actor’s sister married to her abuser. There were some scenes where woman was shamed by the negative characters to get back at the lead actor. I always felt movies like these affected our society, but we need to look deeper. Understand where the stories evolved from. The truth is movies depict our current society. In 1980s and 1990s women in our society were still considered weak, dependent and a burden. Movies played a strong role to change that notion. Movies like Kante kuturine kanali, aadivaram adavalaku selavu kavali etc have changed the views on women.

Though our movies are not doing justice to women, I can proudly say that our industry has evolved quite a bit. Movies these days depict women as an individual.  There is room for a lot of improvement, but let’s try to give the credit for what they have achieved till now.

Beyond, all the above reasons I could not support you as you are a negative person. Your thoughts and actions are very superficial. You are a hypocrite. The way you addressed the issues was exactly what you said you didn’t want the directors to do in movies. What is the difference between Mahesh Babu calling Samantha dark and you calling Ali a buffalo?

Now let’s talk about a way more important topic than movies. (India’s Daughter)

Though our thoughts were similar again, I hated your video. Why? You never understood the root cause of the problem. You mentioned we need to kill the accused 17 year old to keep up humanity. Did you ever think about why he did what he did? Humanity also means being empathetic. Dig deeper woman. Talk to people in Juvenile homes and you will know their horrible stories. Understand where it rooted from. I am not saying what he did can be justified, but killing a 17 year old will not solve the problem or keep up HUMANITY. Changing the thought process will. They need to understand the meaning of what a women really is and what is right and wrong. Mukesh in India daughter’s documentary spoke about his life style and neighborhood.  That makes me understand why he thought it was OK and what he was doing was normal to him.. We need to change that Annapurna.  We need to change the mindset. If we start killing all the men, what is the difference between them and us?

While I love that people like you are coming out and expressing feelings and rage, please don’t spread more negativity. Let’s identify the issues and work towards a peaceful world!!!

Author: Anu Bhoompally

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    who said only socially deprived persons look at the women in that way.A larger fraction of Indian men take women as just objects of utility irrespective of their status,intellectuality

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