Arvind Gupta, meet the real life Rancho from 3 Idiots who is teaching children using trash and scrap!

Arvind Gupta, a 70’s pass out of IIT Kanpur is a toy inventor and Science expert. India has so much talent and awesome people around who are not even famous in the country yet. Meet this indigenous scientist who found his life in social service for the children by teaching them. These children cannot afford going to school or even do not have parents to send them in one, but they found a father and a scholar in  Arvind Gupta.

He believes in conceptual understanding rather than bookish knowledge. He teaches the children how to apply science and knowledge in everything and also his motto is to make them learn the depth of an object and get hands on experience in science. He also believes this will revolutionize the way children learn. He makes toys from any kind of trash or crap material and he can do it spontaneous indeed. He uses used bottles, broken toys, newspapers, cardboards etc. Children can use their natural creative instinct with the touch of Science and Math and build perfectly amazing stuff. The goal is basically to make them understand and learn the fundamental and core concepts of Design, Science and Math by making it fun and creative.

Parents, today force their children to get good marks, get into good colleges, but the main motto should be to make them creative and open their minds. Let them explore, let them ask strange questions, let them play, let them apply the concepts that they are learning in schools. This way Arvind believes that it will revolutionize the teaching-learning pattern also.

Here’s the video which will make us realize “Do we apply anything that we have learnt in school or college in our daily life?”

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