Arvind Kejriwal apologises! It’s all about cat and mouse game with him and his “Thulla” statement!

Arvind Kejriwal’s recent “Thullas” statement on reference to Delhi Police made the Police Commissioner of New Delhi and the department of police very angry. The word Thulla gives a denigratory sense which means slowness and inefficiency.

Hence, the Department of Police lodged Defamation Complaints against Arvind Kejriwal after he made the above statement.


Kejriwal, after this incident, apologised for his statement and clarified that he has not used this for “Honest” policemen in the Delhi Police Department. He told that his statement was meant to those policemen who harass poor people for money, proposing that strict action will be taken on those personnel.

He also added, “I meant to say that policemen harass street vendors and poor people who supported us a lot and with their support, we won 67 seats. When people come to me and say cops harass them for money, it pains me. Action has to be taken against these police personnel. I used that word (thulla) against such policemen.”

“If our honest police officers’ emotions got hurt by this word, I apologise to them for my remark (thulla),” Kejriwal told reporters.

The complaint was lodged by two Delhi Police Constables and an Ex-Cop against Arvind Kejriwal. In his complaint, he said that it had mentally affected him and he couldn’t sleep at night. Another complainant, Chhikara, told NDTV, “Not just as policemen, but we as Delhi citizens are upset over the comment.”

This statement by Arvind Kejriwal took place when he was talking with India Today’s Rajdeep Sardesai during an hour-long interview where he spoke in Hindi. Wake up Kejriwal, You are the Chief Minister of New Delhi and don’t be so generic while referring to Government Officials.#Letushope #CMspeaksproperly

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