Ever had the feeling that this year is passing faster than the previous one?-Here’s why

Have you ever felt that this year is shorter than the previous one? It’s not your fault.You can’t help it. The reason is that everything you feel is how your brain perceives it.

As you get older and older,your brain gets less conscious because of your various works and time flies in a moment. Here’s an interactive timeline of how your brain perceives the time as you grow older:

Maximilian Kiener timeline

This timeline has been depicted by Maximilian Kiener who suggests that we perceive time relative to the “absolute” time we compare it to. In other words, the longer one lives, the smaller a year becomes in relation to the entire life as a whole.

For instance, when one is 5 years old, a year is 20% of your entire life. But, when one is 50 years old, a year is only 2% of his life. Therefore, if your time is flying faster than it used to be, don’t worry ,it just implies that you are getting older.

Hence, cherish each and every moment of your life to the zenith as you may don’t get the time to even think about it later. The statement aptly says,”If you live each day as your last, you will certainly be right one day”.

Live your life to the ultimate, folks!


Rohith Seelamsetty

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