This Funny Pakistani Newsreporter’s Video was the inspiration behind a whole sequence in Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

I am sure all have watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan this weekend and have enjoyed it a lot. It was a really emotional and touching movie. We do love Salman, but a remarkable performance was given by Nawazuddin Siddiqui yet again. He added the laughter spice in the movie very naturally. He makes his character look like himself which  shows he is all about the talent.

I hope you all remember the hysterical scene in which Nawazuddin’s character as “Chand Nawab” was shooting his first report in railway station. I wouldn’t say it’s a copy but rather I would say it is an immensely inspired act from the actual reporting scene done by a Pakistani reporter Chand Nawab. Here’s the original video which came up in 2008.

This scene has been wonderfully enacted by Nawazuddin in the movie and as the movie released in Pakistan, the original Chand Nawab was happy and proud indeed. Fortunately Chand Nawab is getting a lot of calls from media channels and he has become famous in Pakistan!

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