Grabon’s new Buzz me Feature is a game changer in the Online coupon market!

GrabOn is an online coupon website. It is the fastest growing couponing company in India. It has expanded from a team of 6 to 35 in just 15 months. It is looking to expand to a team of 100 by the end of December 2015.

GrabOn launched its most latest version V3 that features an innovative notification feature called ‘Buzz Me’. Buzz Me is one of a kind feature around the world that basically notifies GrabOn users with the best and most latest deals smartly. It understands the need of the user and prompts them only the most suitable or relevant deals.

The feature was developed by GrabOn’s experts in such a way that it should notify the user without being a hindrance to them. “With this new launch and the existing database of users, GrabOn is in the process of raising ‘Series A’ funding which will be spent to expand GrabOn services to hyper-local offline space while pushing the technology to the next level,” says Ashok Reddy, Founder and CEO of GrabOn.


grabon save coupons buzz me feature

Convenient and Smart

Buzz Me is a feature developed to be simple and easy to live with. The feature doesn’t require any additional installations as it automatically adjusts to browser upgrades. Apart from this, the feature doesn’t waste a user’s time by notifying unwanted deals. It smartly understands what deals you need at that moment and suggests Jabong coupons, Flipkart coupon, Uber free rides, Paytm coupons and many more according to your requirements.

It also takes area and seasons into consideration to ensure users are informed of the trending and most latest deals in the city. Mr. Reddy feels that most people are often too busy to remember festivals and holiday season offers and discounts. This feature will solve that problem by informing the user and keeping them up to date.

Snapshot on GrabOn

1. 4 million unique visitors a month with an Alexa rank of 294

2. 4.3 million coupon redeems monthly

3. Estimated market value (GMV) of $80 million per year

4. Over 2300 online merchants and 5000+ coupons

GrabOn V3 and Future

Mr. Reddy adds that the company will be raising Series A funding and keen to hire more innovative techies in the coming months. “Our in-house data scientists have been researching for months on the right areas to tap-in the offline space. We are expecting the funds to come in by the end of September 2015 and will take on any player which is present in both offline and online space” says Mr. Reddy.

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