Heart breaking words from the North East people on how Delhi people behave and harass them!

India, the country that stands largest in the world with the most diverse country in respect of Culture, language and diverse culture are making us proud in thousands of things since the independence. Be it Sports or Music, Science or Art, we are achieving so many things. Now, 68 years later  when we have 29 states and we say that the country is developing and it will be a crime free nation one day, feels like a myth. Yes, we have bagged Nobel Prizes and Bharat Ratnas, but when you go deeper in this country you will also find hatred, riots, discrimination and slavery.

This video shows the feelings of youth from the North Eastern part of our country, which is the most beautiful and rich in culture compared to the other parts, doesn’t feel at home in their own country. These are the students of our own Delhi University who are facing abusing and discrimination just because they look different than the students from other part of India. Why they are called names, why they are sexually and mentally abused, why they are not getting the proper respect? Just because they are a minority and you fall under the majority category of this country. No, this should stop right here, right now.

They also go and represent themselves across the world as Indians, because they are, and they should be treated like one. As quoted by one of the north eastern girls in the video  “If North East is all about small eyes, then India is all about small minds”, shows the  hatred they have developed all these years. Let’s come forward and make this phrase incorrect in eyes of all the people from North Eastern states and make them love India.

Namrata Dutta

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