Horrific! Chinese women gets crushed in an Escalator! Please be careful people!

In a shocking incident in China, a woman got crushed in a Escalator while she was making her way up in a Department store.

This event has proved that Technology, which is very helpful at times, can become too dangerous to control if not handled properly. This event has happened while she was holding a child in her arms. The child fortunately, got away at that instant but the lady got crushed in the escalator which is too heartbreaking to see. Here, is the video:

As soon as she reached the top and was about to step off the escalator, the metal panel under her feet gave way. The woman fell into the void, and got dragged into the escalator even as employees desperately tried to pull her out. The more devastating is that the rescue team took hours to retrieve the body of that woman.

This mishap has caused widespread anger in the social media against Technology and that Department Store in particular, but, there has been no response from the Store. The investigation is taking place on the matter.

Also, the sincere request to all the people from Storygag team is not to play any kind of games with Technology and it can be devastating to the limits which one can’t even think of.

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