7 iconic Haleem places in Hyderabad you should not miss this Ramzan season!

Ramzan season is here and you cannot miss the Hyderabadi Haleem at any cost. If you are in Hyderabad by any chance you should not miss these 8 iconic haleem places in hyderabad. Each of them are known for their mouth watering taste in their own way.

Iconic Haleem Places in Hyderabad

We are listing out 8 places which we think are one of the best haleem places in Hyderabad. That doesn’t mean we are not rating the other places. If you think you have eaten at some awesome place, please feel free to list out the place in the below comments section.

1. Sarvi – Banjara Hills, Road No. 11

Known for it’s Irani flavour haleem. Less number of bones compared to other haleem places in hyderabad.

sarvi haleem 1


2. Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant – Tolichowki, Charminar

Known for it’s rich and flavoured haleem.

shah gouse haleem

3. Pista House – Charminar

Is world famous for it’s Haleem. Have to visit this place for sure.

pista house haleem - 1

4. Shadab – Charminar

Be cautious, the haleem here is served with Zabaan (tongue) along with boiled egg.

shadab haleem - 2

5. Cafe 555 – Masab Tank

Known for it’s experimental haleem. Included Chicken toppings on the top.

Cafe 555 Haleem

6. Cafe Bahar – Basheerbagh

Liked by large number of people and known for their combos.

cafe bahar haleem

7. Hotel Rumaan – Tolichowki

Known for having a lot more meat than other haleem places in hyderabad.

hotel rumaan haleem 1
Source: zomato.com, chaibisket.com

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