Indian Women getting paid to give birth to children for other couples. Here’s their story!

As the world is getting advanced day by day, there is a huge level of technology surge in various fields, especially in the Healthcare Industry. With this sector reaching new heights, Surrogacy has become a common stature in the picture of indian Healthcare Industry.

This innovation has truly become a boon for childless parents who cannot conceive. Practically, adoption is a good option, but, the choice of going for this option lies with the Couple itself. Hence, many people are going for this Surrogacy method so as to get their child in their own terms. In the lesser known side, the exploitation of underprivileged women who have to carry these couples child is the lesser known fact.

India has one of the most booming surrogacy industries in the world, and many see it as a good way of giving a couple a child as well as providing a poor woman with monetary benefit.

Some of the women feel extremely saddened to give up the baby, but see no other option to make any money, which ranges from $8,000- $10,000.



Dr. Nayna Patel has been providing this service for more than a Decade, but has to face severe criticism from conservative groups in India. The price for carrying the child is almost one-third the price which is charged in the West which is the main reason why Foreigners are coming to India for this child-bearing. However, this work could be carried on until all the parties act responsibly for others. Check out this Video below:


We salute this Great Women who are doing this privileged work for the society in large.

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