No love is greater than Mom’s love!

This heart touching movie is to make all the young people out there, who find their entire world inside their laptops, realize that their every need, every emotion, every comfort can be just found in their mother’s lap of “love”.

A mother is a super strange person, who makes you laugh, who makes you cry, who will also irritate you most of the time, but you definitely cannot live without her. She is a lady whose blessings are like the best confidence builder in this world. She is your friend, she is your teacher, and she is your moral support. You once lived inside her, so who can know you more than her, so don’t fight with her, treasure her, adore her, and feel the importance of her in your life which has also been given by her.

You will get everything twice in this world, but you will get only ONE Mother.

Namrata Dutta

Author: Namrata Dutta


Loves to express my opinion about almost everything!

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