Save the Tigers! Let’s celebrate International Tiger Day and become aware.

International Tiger Day is celebrated on 29th of July, just to make people aware of how fast and crazily we are losing our own wild tigers. This day is observed worldwide for the enlightenment of the reservation of Tigers. We all visit zoos and sanctuaries with our families and enjoy looking at the amazing wild tigers, who are indeed our National animal.
But, what we don’t know or realize is that they are also one of the endangered species in the country. The goal of Tiger Day is to promote the protection and expansion of the wild tigers habitats and to gain support through awareness for tiger conservation.

Instead of 100,000, as few as 3000 live in the wild today, last year it was 3200! If this is the statistics every year, then we will definitely lose them all in a matter of 5 years. Now is the time, to save the most vulnerable and electrifying animal on earth. The question is How we Lost them? It was due to the expansion of cities and agriculture by the people. This resulted in only 93% of the damage , the rest was due to their hunting for skin etc.


I know you must be wondering on how you staying at home or in busy schedule go out and save the tigers,here are few things that you can do to contribute your part.

1. You can visit and donate.

2. You can also create the awareness through social media like Facebook, Twitter

3. You can download the Tigoji sticker app or show your support with Tigoji pic badge. Aircel will pledge rupee one toward the Save Our Tigers fund for every app download or Tigoji pic badge displayed by you.

Do your part, save the national animal of the country by joining the ROAR!


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