She and her brother doesn’t have a bed to sleep; what she does next is so heart warming!

Millions of people in India doesn’t have a proper place to sleep. You can see a lot of people sleeping on the roads if you roam around any city at nights. Not just the homeless, even small time workers face lot of difficulties in their lives.

So how do you define a home? For us it might be a luxurious flat in a gated community or a house with all the amenities. For some it can be a house with Wi-Fi Connection. This short film is about a brother and a sister who doesn’t have proper facilities in their life.

See how the girl changes the whole picture of the story with her dreams! This short film “Bed of Dreams” is directed by Pallav Gupta and his team! We found this short extremely positive with all the negative stuff out there and is a must watch for a 2 minute length!

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