Sorry Flipkart! These trolls are so funny that we cannot resist to share! 6th one is too good!

These are the 11 times when people of Twitter have trolled Flipkart like a boss. Forgive us Flipkart, these are too funny that we cannot resist to share!

1. When Flipkart has become an Education Liaison officer selling University admission forms online.



2. When Flipkart got the true impact of Swachh Bharat


3. When it’s badly bullied



4. The holes are too big to fall for



5. Here, the self publicity was important Flipkart



6. When true has become a curse for Flipkart



7. Congrats, a new payment option is opened in Flipkart



8. After all, by Reddit, it’s selling through online (with Amazon)



9. Even, Flipkart gets Snapped by Snapdeal on their “Big DAY”



10. Mind you Flipkart, Mumbai is the “Financial Capital” of India



11. The logo gets mishandled at times



Well, for Flipkart, this has taken them for an amusement park!

Maybe at least this time, they have a proper “Big Day” to give answer for their true credibility.

Rohith Seelamsetty

Author: Rohith Seelamsetty

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Rohith is a passionate iconoclast who loves to get the information from air to paper.
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