Stand Up Comedy – a new and exciting career option!

Stand up Comedy originated in India during 1986, thousands of years later after it already started all over the world. There are many things that we don’t know about stand up comedy in India. It’s not acceptable in Indian families as a career option. I mean how many comedians do you really know?

Let me take you through a vast and overwhelming journey of a stand up comedian. He/She is a person who quits his “primary” job and chooses to be creative by making people laugh and more importantly make jokes about things that should actually be made fun of. They don’t really care if they are making money out of it, the only motto is to express themselves and do what they love.

stand up comedy a new career option

In my opinion this should be the motto for most of the people today.  Why work for someone or in something which you don’t like. Be creative guys – there are lots of career options other than “Engineers “ and “Doctors”. India with a billion population will always have enough of those.

Below are a few stand up comedians who made it big in India. Truly inspiring! YouTube is indeed giving them an awesome platform to express themselves and yes also to connect with the youth.

They talk about the topics that the youth of India really think and they portray in a hysterical way. They will make you laugh and yes make you think about what is going on with this country.

1. Vir Das

The scholar turned comedian comes straight from Harvard.He has done his education in theater. He has represented India internationally with his performances, stand ups and sketches. He also acted in many movies like Delhi Belly, Badmash company.
vir das

2. Kannan Gill 

A software engineer turned comedian. Also known for his pretentious movie reviews. He also done quite a lot of shows in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Also a part of Canvas Laugh Club.


3. Biswa Kalyan Rath

An IITian turned comedian. Also, co founder of pretentious movie reviews. He is known for his dirty and hilarious jokes.


4. Daniel Fernandes

Left his advertising career and indulged in stand up comedy for the good. His hysterical comedy includes India’s current affairs.


5. Abish Matthews

He is one of the most unique comedians in the country who has traveled all over the world and given performances like New York comedy club.


6. Aditi Mittal

Left her job in the US and made comedy her full time career. She was one of the first women to do stand up comedy.


7.  Tanmay Bhat

The AIB star, started off as a comedian. He was awarded top 10 comedian by Times Of India. He is a stand up comedian, script writer and producer. He also performed all over the world.


8. Rohan Joshi

The “cute face” of AIB is a writer, comedian and producer. He stood strong in his opinion about what is correct and what the youth thinks. Despite of the AIB roast controversy, he stands to his words that “it’s all just for fun!”


9. Gursimran Khamba

Known as “Khamba” also a co- founder of AIB. In 2013, a YouTube video called “it’s your fault” starring Kalki Koechlin and Juhi Pandey went online and achieved 4 million views.


10. Vipul Goyal

An Electrical Engineer from IIT, left his job as analyst and took stand up comedy as a career. He performed in famous shows like TEDx talks etc.


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