What DiCaprio could do to win an Oscar?

Well we all know that the poor guy hasn’t won an Oscar till date, despite his highly successful career. It’s pretty obvious that his current acting style isn’t fetching him one. Therefore the answer to getting one lies in what the Oscar winners have. Here are a few things that can increase the chances of him getting one.

Choosing the script

dicaprio winning oscar

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DiCaprio’s does a great job in choosing films every year that win several awards and critical acclaim. But his roles are not such that can fetch him an Oscar. He needs to choose a film that gives him a unique and iconic role which is more challenging than the often classy and cool roles he plays.

A crippled or disabled character 

dallas buyers club

Most of the Oscar winning actors have played a disabled or crippled character on screen to fetch them one. For example both Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey won Oscars for their role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and they both played diseased and dying characters. DiCaprio has a chance of winning if he plays a difficult role such as this one.

Doing something out of the blue 

christian bale in fighter

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For a lead actor, winning an Oscar as the hero is very difficult. The Dark Knight star Christian Bale has also played insane characters like a drug addict in The Fighter which got him an Oscar. DiCaprio needs to shift from the stylish and cool persona he portrays in almost every film, and do something strange like never before.

Not being the main guy for once


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His role in Django Unchained almost fetched him an Oscar. This is one of the few films in which he wasn’t the lead character. In fact he played a villain and pulled it off beautifully. More roles like this and he can get closer to being a winner.

Leo will be seen next on the big screen next year for his upcoming movie ‘The Revenant’. It’s a very unique and exciting looking role. Get your tickets on BookMyShow using Book My Show coupons from GrabOn. Hope the man wins this time. Yo!

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