This woman blasts the Baahubali movie and the Telugu movie industry in this video!

Indian movies are always known for lack of substance in them. Even though we had some very good movies, the general scenario is such. Not just that we are far behind in terms of quality story telling, vfx and other fields when compared to American movie industry.

Recently, we have seen a movie like Baahubali, which became a phenomenon and has raised our film making standards to international level. That being said the movie has its own faults.

But, one scene in Baahubali between Hero Prabhas and Heroine Tamannah made me very uncomfortable. The reason for that is why did Prabhas act in such a way and gave so much importance to Tamannah’s feminine side and made her a toy to play with and changed her outwear without her consent.

I felt really embarrassed watching that scene and felt inconvenient. Not just me, many people I know of have felt embarrassed watching that scene

Recently there is a wide spread debate on Social Media on the article “The Rape of Avanthika” which took this discussion on Sexism and objectifying women in movies to a whole new level. Though I did not find that article that inspiring but adding to that this discussion, a video by Annapurna Sunkara takes a good objective view point on the same issue but mostly concentrated on the Telugu movies. If you stay with the video with open mind you should be able to get the facts she is talking about and they will make sense.

If you too have any thoughts about Baahubali and Telugu film industry, check this video out (in English):

Tollywood, respect women !P.S: Telugu version ( #StopAli

Posted by Annapurna Sunkara on Friday, July 24, 2015

In Telugu

We appreciate, Annapurna for taking a stance and making her point objectively. We know she and us will be facing lot of flak for this post but we as a democratic nation should listen to all the view points and assess the situation.

We hope the film makers make movies with sensibilities and modern thinking rather than objectifying women for the sake of commercial elements as this will have long-term negative effect on our society.

Post your thoughts in the comment box below.

Rohith Seelamsetty

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  1. 1

    First thought came into mind, after watching ur video…
    ISIS attack on Comic publishers “charlie hebdo”,
    Few people didnt like the comic articles published in Hebdo, and they shot the hebdo workers. World mourned on this and raised voice, saying comedy should not be taken as facts(for say)!!

    Similarties here and there,
    Attackers = You; Ali/TFI = “Charlie Hebdo”;and lastly their ISLAM belief = Feminism.
    In both cases, they made comedy and they are being attacked, whats the difference? So are you technically supporting Hebdo Attacks?

    Please find the defination of Comedy Kiddo..or else watch Jon Stewart shows(not all comedians are same, touche watch Family Guy:) then)
    Ali is a Comedian, and its universal know Fact..
    Dont expect any good from a comedian!

    We can ask questions to..Why is ur Husband not in the video? Is it because telugu women dont respect their husbands? ???? “Chane ur title from Telugu Films need to change” not all Telugu Films are bad, and u also know that..
    This seems as attention seeker, with all hair do inbetween. 🙂

  2. 2

    If movies has so much influence on the society and ppl why doesn’t no change took place in ppl even after epic movies like rudraveena.prathighatna,bharteeyudu,Tagore and leader ..its because ppl ony take what they want and doesn’t bother about the message movie conveyed to them. And cuming to video part I have some objections and some acceptble points too .for example the point about the slapping the elderly persons and some vulgar language is valid and it should not be taken place..but I differ a point that the hero and directors are solely responsible for the degardation of women characters doesn’t heroines have any role in these doesn’t they know their character and charctersation in the movie .why doesn’t they protest or object if they feel its degrading women’s character. Why they accept it .for example do u think tamanah doesn’t know her role in bahubali or Samantha in dookudu they voluntarily accepted it and did it.then how only director or hero or any male characters are been questioned and why not the heroines who. Perform the roles.why these ppl doesn’t question them does femnisim Stop them to doing is collective colobration and team effort why director has to be blamed if u want to blame blame the team including the heroines who accept it.dont show any gender bias.. I think movies are fantisised imaginar world..we see an new world in it which differs from the real world.can u imagine a couple dancing for duet in real world no absolutely not .because cinema is cinema and it should be viewed in cinematic way and not in microscopic way..too much negativity regarding leads to disaster..but I appreciate her for bold step of expressing her views in the way she wanted

  3. 3

    Bhagvadgeeta lo krisnudni ankuntundi madam gaaru . . Meeru movies chadavadam manesi choodadam modalupettandi . Meeru mundu mee intlo panichesevallaki respect ivvandi. Tarvata matladadam movie stars and co-stars gurinchi……..

    Movie is just an entertaining thing..movies choosi janalu change ayyematite ..putting deshani vadiLi videshalanu pattukoni tiragoddu ani chala movies lo chepparu…
    jus stop criticising ppl….see the wrk they put…
    For your kind information no one asked tour suggestions. .If any one do pls send your vedio only to them one-one

  4. 4

    Telugu movie producers cater to the front row goers who are basically single male teenagers or adults living alone or they are just thrilled at the sight of a guy living out their fantasies so that’s why they include such songs or sequences

  5. 5

    Adukku tinave Annapurna! mundu cinema ela chudalo nerchuko. Aa tarvata matladu. Nuvvu nee panikimalina video. Don’t waste our time and your time again with your foolishness.
    Evaranna daniki cheppandra kurchopetti…

  6. 6

    Kuchipudi Venkat
    Just saw ur video Annapurna… There were some good points u made…what u need to understand is Telugu comerical cenimas is larger than life situations.. They rarely happen in the real world…they are meant to entertain u in various aspects..ticking ur suppressed emotions which are lost in the outside world..for example do u find ur self cry fr a situation in the world outside..u do it in movies…do u laugh ur brains out fr a comic situation in this is lethergic ..selfish mechanical world..u do it in the movies…why do u do it? Question ur self…why do u get involved while watching a romantic scene in a movie…why u don’t react when u face a similar situation on the outside..u see a commercially successful movie ..they are carefully packeged with all the emotions which are lost or look foolish or melodramatic to get involved in..the real world..houmor in which ever form is lost in real in which ever form is lost in the real world..fighting against any form of crime and getting justice in real world is a dream.. That is the reason u cheer when the hero takes law into his hands as if he a Dictator.. Bigger than Saddam Hussein.. If u want follow cenima and build ur life..then u got to make it ur blue book…u r talking abt directors who are making it..they are just trying to make the dreams of a common man happen..which in real life are not possible…they are just meant to entertain..give what you don’t get in the outside..that is the reason u pay for it…if u very well know what kind of movies Raja mouli who entertained billions of people and u still go and pay to watch his movies..something is seriously wrong with.. Even a one year kid will not put his finger in the plug after getting his first shock..I don’t see a reason why u find ur self buying so much pain…pl understand all the popular film makers don’t make the movies for themselves and their families… They make it for the larger audience.. They create an artificial world within those three hours..create good characters.. Bad ones..comic ones…See same Rajmouli creates..Bahubali..Balladeva and kalekeya..does it mean he has a Kalkeya in him..he created a powerful villain to make it more challenging for the don’t waste ur time to prove ur watch movie like a movie don’t take it can confuse ur precious and valuable life..

  7. 7

    Annapurna .. I have watched almost all of your videos … And as a physiatrist myself, what I can assure you is that .. You have a condition that needs to be treated, as seemingly your super sensitive emotions are getting out of control and meaningless. No doubt about this one fact .. That you hate “MALES” . And I think what is making you crazy is the number of views and the number of comments people have given you in the past; please think before you say anything in the future, as you just are making yourself look stupid, arrogant, and complex individual who can go to any extent to blame men for every other reason .. . And I guarantee you, that you will not have a mutually respected life with your partner .. God save that guy, who will be your boyfriend / husband in the future ..

  8. 8

    she talk like a real traditional girl in india and i am feeling very happy to listen these kind of speech given by annapurna sister.hats of to u sister

  9. 9

    First of all, I salute your courage in putting your views across in a forthright manner. As the comments show, it can get ugly real fast. You must have known this; that you still chose to do so says a lot about your courage.

    I couldn’t agree more with most of the points you made. I completely agree that most of our movies are sexist. It just makes me so sad as a Telugu to see the sort of stuff we put out. “Magatanam”, gender roles and the like, it says a lot about the decay of a culture that used to be so progressive. However, I must disagree with you on the points you made about not hurting anybody’s feelings. This would be counterproductive especially if one does it with regard to comedy. If somebody says for example, Asians are bad drivers for the purpose of comedy; they say it not because they believe it, they say it because it’s a stereotype and that’s why it’s funny. Some of the most offensive things in the word are the most hilarious, it would be a pity if that we to stop because we have to be so PC. You are correct though, sexism isn’t funny. Asking why a woman is wearing shorts isn’t funny.

    In addition, if I may, if Telugu movies have to change, there is a lot to be done! We make the most brain dead movies ever, it is the reason I don’t watch many Telugu movies despite being a Telugu. As for the people on here saying that movies are movies and shouldn’t be taken seriously, movies are supposed to be art. Art is a very precious thing. It is supposed to be beautiful, it is supposed to make sense and it is supposed to make you think. Not roam around with 2 transformers burning in the background. Just because Telugu movies make no sense doesn’t mean movies make no sense.

  10. 10

    my take on the outburst on the attitude of telugu film industry by and large and the reponses to it is as follows – 1) most of the heros and directors have made a visit to USA for education and dress up and be in the best of behaviour before foreign auddience and also give lot of lofty speeches to give them a good impression about themselves whereas before indian audience they resort to pori language, lungi dance and baser dialogues and jokes to exploit the under educated, under previlaged society and pickpocket their hard earned money erarned as labourers and the government through sale of liquour. writeups through print media goes over their head, but visual medium has a powerful impact. publication of pictures and audio-visual media should be made accountable and ombudsman should be set up in every district out of entertainement tax to take up complaints from viewers when they are offended by the portrail of weeker sex, community and teachers. 2)Menance of ragging and eveteasing has its roots from this. The govt is misleading the public by saying that they are effectively addressing the issue by purchasing and installing CCTVs etc., which is nothing more than making hay when the sun shines, every calamity is a boon to these people – they can make money out of it. The effective remedy will be call the parentsof this misguided youth and tell them they should accompany their ward for one week in the college campus and any recurrence will be dealt as a criminal action. The parents must also be made responsible for the bringing up their children without values. 3) semister system is being introduced in colleges for non professional cources aldo with a view that they will not have too much time to indulge in these baser activities. However itis bound to fail as the government focussed on nitty gritty of marks evaluation in eaminations rater on focussing on course content delivery through audio visual means to improve education. In short our system is tuned to barking up at the wrong tree – knowingly or rarely unknowingly.

  11. 11

    hello…papa …..pacha kamerulu vachina valaki lokam antha pachagane kanipisthudi….nuvu gaganam movie ani saru chusavu bahubali anisaru chusavu ….neethulu chepadam kadu mudu nuvu nerchuko…..ok …..nee age eanthe nuvetha rajamoli,ali …gurinchi nekku matlade arukhatha neeku ledu valu eantho kasta padi movie thisthe commets cheyatam manchidi kadu…..asalu girls ku eado anayam jarigi natlu ga matladu thunavu….per year 100000 people chanipothute andulu boys 80000 vunaru girl only 20000 matrme andulo natural deths 10000 any effect 10000 kani boys matrm only girl molane 50000 chanipothunaru mee vishayalu bayataku vasthunaiee maavi bayataku ravatam ledu…..ok …na ammaiee ki anayam jarigithe eano bandu darnalu chestharu ………ade boys jarigithe 1 hour kuda matladaru …adi telusuko….jagarthaga matladatam nerchuko…andriod mobile vudi kadha ani video thisi eavari meedha padithe vari mee dha commmets cheyatam manchidi kadu mukyamaga pawan meedha jagratha…………….baby

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