Worker killed by a Robot in Volkswagen’s Germany Plant!

The day has come when the thought of humans getting killed by robots becoming a reality. A 22 year old worker was crushed by an assembly robot in Volkswagen’s Germany Plant.

volkswagen robot kills a worker

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The 21 year old external contractor was installing the robot with the help of a colleague who was outside the safety cage and the robot stuck him in the chest and pressed against a metal plate. Later he died of his injuries.

Robot related equipment are placed in safety cages to avoid human contact so as to reduce the fatal incidents. In this case the worker was inside the safety cage and the other person who was outside the cage was unharmed.

A Volkswagen spokesperson said that the robot was not one of the new generation robot which works side by side with humans and there was no technical defect with it.

Prosecutors have opened an investigation but are confused on whom the charges needs to be pressed.

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