The World’s Youngest Headmaster – Babar Ali, An Indian who is helping poor students!

All around the world, millions of children are not getting proper education as they are are covered in the traps of poverty. Meet the Bengali boy who has broken all the shackles to stand up for his ultimate dream of Teaching the poor children in his society at the age of ‘9’. He is Babar Ali,the 22-year old youngest headmaster in the world, who has been changing the lives of hundreds of poor children forever in his backyard.

It all started with a play:

Being born and brought up in a remote village of Murshidabad district of Bengal, Babar Ali couldn’t get proper education until he was 9 due to financial constraints in his family. At 9, while he was going to school, he daily used to come across the hardships faced by his age group kids doing severe works for their age. Hence, he started to gather these kids and teach them as a play after he comes back from his school.



Recognition by BBC News and CNN-IBN:

After coming from school at 4 pm, Babar starts his Teaching stint for his students and continue it late until evening. But, on one fine day, his joy was unreachable when he got to know that he was awarded the “Real Heroes Award” from actor Aamir Khan by the news channel CNN-IBN.

In addition to this, for his work, the highly acclaimed British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) news has awarded him the “Youngest Headmaster in the World” in October 2009, when he was 16 years old.

Local recognition to TED fellowship:

Continuing his dream run, in the year of 2009, he was awarded the TED Fellowship which selects 20 outstanding personalities each year from all over the world which includes the lights of Anthony Vipin Das, Siva Cotipalli, Aomawa Shields, etc. to interact, share and collaborate ideas at a global stage.

Babar Ali at TEDIndia, Session 8, "Learning to Learn," November 7, 2009, in Mysore, India. Credit: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Babar Ali in a speech at TEDIndia,2009

How the school went from his backyard to mainstream school:

After his continuous work for the society and all the recognition he has received, he received Rs.600 from his father to start his own outdoor school in the locality. Finally, after all the hiccups, his school has started.

Babar says,“Finally, the school had a formal inauguration. I hired a mike for Rs 30, and we had a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by song and dance. I borrowed my mother’s sari to decorate the place. I also invited the local Panchayat members and village elders. A family friend of ours who was a principal of another school named my school Ananda Shiksha Niketan.”

And, the rest, as it was said, has been history.

And everthing was not a Cake-Walk:

“Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by a bullet, and I was shot in the soul by people’s animosity and harassment. My other challenge was how to keep the students motivated. When a student was absent, I would go to his/her house to plead with the parents to allow them to come to school”, adds Babar referring to the hardships he faced in maintaining the school.

Many jealous people in his locality has let him down through various various acts but he never lets himself down. As he puts,“I get energy and strength from his writings and words…it motivates me to do more”, referring to his inspiration Swami Vivekananda.

Everything leads to one path-it’s education:

Chumki Hajra, a student of Babar who stays in a tiny shack with her grandmother tells,”My ambition is to become a Nurse”. And, Babar faithfully says “I’ll make it possible”.

Atlast, Eight hundred poor children, who cannot afford education but can do anything to learn it from Babar Ali.

This sums it all.

Kudos Babar Ali! You are a true inspiration.

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