Twitter trolls Ishant Sharma on his head banging celebrations!

The final Test of India v Sri Lanka, is on fire on its 4th day, along with the bat and the ball as the players are not leaving a single opportunity to taunt each other. While players like Tharanga, Dinesh Chandimal, Rangana Herath and Dhammika Prasad are doing small on their part, Ishant Sharma, fast bowler of Team India is not leaving no stone unturned to sledge on Sri Lankans.

This video perfectly tells what’s wrong with present Gender issues in India!

The recent Jasleen Kaur and Sarvjeet Singh’s case has opened up the most underrated debate about Gender equality in India. The society has come to such an extent that most of the girls blame boys without a thought and boys started not believing girls anymore. This situation is perfectly captured in this particular video!

This Grandma provides free lunches to 200 kids every summer! Faith in Humanity restored!

Who says humanity is gone from this earth and never coming back. This lady in Grays Harbor County in Washington makes us feel there is still something left. Phyllis Shaughnessy is a grandmother and an angel to almost 200 kids in her district. She is coming out of home drives her own car to deliver free summer lunches to kids around the neighborhood.  When she realized that the school districts are not offering free or lower lunch prices for the kids, she started a fundraiser to provide them with food as they go hungry without them.

This before and after video showing Visual Effects of Baahubali is truly fantastic!

Baahubali, the biggest motion picture of India went on the become the highest grossing movie in India and third highest in the World for Indian movies. It has broken numerous records as well. But one thing that made Baahubali successful is the use of Visual Effects in the right way. Apart from certain scenes, most of the scenes in the movie are as real as possible.