11 years old Golfing little prodigy Shubham Jaglan; son of a rural milkman!

He is 11. He is a golf world champion. He is from a village in Haryana. Yes, Shubham Jaglan is from a small village Israna, making it proud by his achievements. His father is a milkman in the village and none of the family members are into golfing obviously. But thanks to Mr. Kapur Singh who decided to open a golf academy in the village for kids. Started off with shabby, non classic golf clubs, the village boy made it huge with his own talent.

Golf is not a sport played in the streets of India; it is considered a “rich” sport here. So, coming from a poor family, his parents were not so open towards it. But, they say that true talent can never be hidden for a long time. Despite the closing of the golf academy, Shubham continued his practice in his backyard which his dad cleaned and made a green carpet with 3 holes. Everyone noticed his talent in his game but nobody was there to train him at that time. He took the help of the magic tool called the internet. He learned his strokes and games through YouTube and practiced in his backyard. “I started watching top golfers on YouTube,” Shubham said.

“Gary Player, Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods, Louis Oosthuizen…I’d try their swing and see if it works for me.”, the words of little golfer Shubham.

The kid got opportunity in Delhi Golf Club and his father decided to take him. Watching his exceptional abilities, the club decided to give him free education and free training. the family was proud of their son and decided to help him achieve his dream. They moved to Delhi in 2012 to watch and support their son by selling their dairy cattle in the village. Here he started getting guidance and good coaching which he needed to make himself shine.



This is the moment where his real achievements starts and Shubham started to flourish. He made the world record by winning the Classic Junior Open, 2012 at the age of 9. After this he and his family never looked back. He received “NDTV – Emerging Player” and “Margdarshan” awards in this early age which according to his coach makes him work harder. He won around 100 domestic and international tournaments and his breakthrough was in 2015 when he shocked the world by winning the Junior World Golf Championship. He bagged the title of best little golfer in the world, a proud moment for him, his family and to India.

“He is still very young and needs a lot of practice and hard work but he truly is a gem”, says his coach. We all want to watch him grow and inspire people around the country to represent India and make them aware of a lesser known sport, Golf.


Hard Work and success comes hand to hand. India is proud of you Shubham!

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