19 year old Harsh praised by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, is a dream come true for him!

Entrepreneurship, Startups, Businesses, these are the things Indian teenagers are talking about nowadays. It is very fulfilling and proud to watch Indian leaders in Silicon Valley and changing the world. It is true that Indian Startups don’t get a proper platform to embrace their ideas. Some people get it done, some ideas just never reach reality. Facebook is identifying such raw and amazing ideas which can take the technology level of the world to the next one.

Harsh Songra, a teenager from Bhopal was on top of the world when he woke up in the morning to Sheryl Sandberg’s (COO of Facebook) post in Facebook appreciating his startup. Harsh is pursuing his BCA degree in  Bhopal School of Social Sciences and this genius kid is an Entrepreneur already. To tell you little bit about his early life which is the root cause of his startup is that he was a very sharp kid. But at a very early age he was diagnosed of a disease called dyspraxia, a developmental disorder. His parents being a normal middle class family got to detect it very late and were disheartened as nothing can be done at that point. His father is a hardware engineer. He took this as a challenge and proved the world that his son is as normal and highly intelligent than any other kid. He taught him computer at an young age and used computer games to overcome the problems of coordination and movement that dyspraxia brings with it. This gave huge remarkable results. At 16, he was experimenting with algorithms, codes and what not.


This software geek developed an interesting and awesomely useful Android app by himself called My Child. It basically takes inputs like a child’s height, weight and gender and tells the parents if their Child is likely to be suffering from any kind of developmental disorder in just 45 seconds. This app was launched in January this year and has seen millions of downloads across 6 continents. This was a proud moment for him and his family. Harsh’s disorder motivated him to build this app just for the sake of other people so that they can detect it in their children as early as possible and get them cured.

my child_app

This app  built with the help of Facebook’s platform Parse and promoted with other tools such as Facebook ads, Hootsuite and Mailchimp. This is where he got his edge and caught people’s attention as this was not just a Startup, this was an evolutionary idea in Medical sciences. Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook came forward and posted on Facebook a much deserved appreciation for Harsh and his app. She said that “We’re supporting developers like Harsh who have great ideas but can’t always access the resources they need.” FBStart program, an initiative of Facebook helped MyChild with all the technical support and resources he needed to make the app even better. Harsh has even got a mentor ,The Chairman of product council at Nasscom, Ravi Gururaj.

Harsh’s success journey has just begun. Facebook’s http://fbstart.com is a great platform for developers with a big ideas. This can help them get the resources and appropriate mentorship. There is no way a great idea can be stopped.

Find your way guys and the world will follow!

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