Baahubali shatters the records; crosses Rs 500 Crore mark in 24 days!

It’s official now, Baahubali has finally crossed the Rs. 500 crore mark in the 24 days of run. It became the first regional film to reach this milestone and 3rd Indian film to do it. The only two movies which are ahead of Baahubali are Aamir Khan starrers PK at Rs 740 Crore and Dhoom 3 at Rs. 524 Crore.


Source: Forbes

Baahubali has been creating records even before the release. We have seen a kilometer long queues for the tickets. We have seen the amount of appreciation the trailer has got from Social Media and many parts of the world. The movie went on to became the biggest blockbuster this year and still running with Full speed. Surprisingly many screens are still showing Baahubali and witnessing huge turn up of crowd even after 4 weeks. This tells you the kind of success the movie is witnessing.

With this speed, it should not take much time for the movie to cross Dhoom 3 and rush towards PK. Whether it can cross PK or not is an interesting thing to watch. But the thing we need to notice is it is just the first part that has done this business. If we account in the amount of business the second part can collect, sky is the limit.

The cliff hanger at the first part became such a widespread phenomenon on Social Media that the second part doesn’t need any kind of PR to bring audience to the theatre. So there you go, you have another 500 Crore in your pocket!

Rajamouli and team, take a bow for proving that people will watch a movie from any region if the content is good!

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