Goddess Kali appeared on Empire State Building in New York! An amazing and Electrifying view!

Goddess Kali, the fierce form of Goddess Durga was seen showcased on the facade of New York City’s icon , the Empire State Building last week. The portrait was designed by the artist Android Jones and he did a fantastic job exhibiting the fierce and powerful image of Kali to the world. Goddess Kali is a Hindu god associated with bravery, empowerment and destroyer of evil forces.


This beautiful Goddess Kali was a part of the show by filmmaker Louie Psihoyos called Projecting Change, which projected pictures of endangered creatures into the skyline of New York which was lit by change, power and strength to fight danger. This whole exhibit had a single motive of highlighting a vast awareness among people about the wildlife extinction and basically to make people understand the rate in which the harmless species are dying. A total of 160 species including Cecil, the lion were displayed illuminating the beautiful tower.



The electrifying presentation ended with the glaze of Kali- the Goddess of power and destruction to appeal to the world to fight and overcome the darkness and restore conservation .


This was a proud moment and truly phenomenal visual to all and this motivates and inspires us to kill all our fears and walk towards humanity. Watch the phenomena in this video.

Truly mesmerizing!

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