This will be the best video you will see on this Raksha Bandhan!

Whenever you see a person sitting on the road with a placard, you would completely eliminate that person and go on to do your important work. But, when you see this video, you too would want to go to that place and tie a Rakhi for that person with the placard.

In this video by Guri Singh, a young fellow is shown with a placard written “In need of sisters! Happy Rakhi.”

The girls were on their foot to tie the Rakhi to that fellow and made their day very auspicious. Those girls who didn’t have Brothers to tie Rakhi made this moment more special by fulfilling their Wish on this day!

What a way to share Love with your Sister through Rakhi! Kudos to you, Young Men!

Rohith Seelamsetty

Author: Rohith Seelamsetty

Blogger,Trekker and Entrepreneur!
Rohith is a passionate iconoclast who loves to get the information from air to paper.
Curator at Storygag and even expresses his opinions through it.

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