How Facebook trended a dead baby’s picture from Jodhpur as an alien creature?

We all know that in India, how Social Media can affect the fabric of the nation. People were killed because of the farce information that was circulated on Facebook and Twitter.

In the above case, it happens by a certain group of people with vested interests to make this false information viral. But in the present case something unusual has happened. Recently Facebook started something called Trends similar to Twitter trends but Facebook trends are curated which means if certain group of people are sharing something about a vested interest it may not make into Trends unlike twitter. So why in the holy hell Facebook trended the following news.

The news that has been manufactured constructively by certain set of sites which you can see the names extraordinarily spiritual and like “Consciously Enlightened” UFO News what not with their bait marketing techniques.

In the screenshot you can see the title suggesting that there might be a video so that we can see more evidence. But you know what, they created an one minute video where they show just the photograph zooming in and out.




For god’s sake its a baby with Anencephaly. You can try googling about Anencephaly.¬†Facebook went on to call the dead baby an unidentified creature and some websites even went on giving names like goblin and alien!

It’s so frustrating to see people spreading false information and the responsible people started trending it without looking into the facts behind the story. That baby’s death might have caused lot of grief to some family! So, stop messing around Facebook, at the least don’t post speculated news in your trends!

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