Love is everywhere! It is clearly showed by these Kisses all around the world!

The most simple yet powerful means of expressing your passion and love is KISS without a second thought. It speaks all your thoughts to the other person and showers unlimited love to him. 

It’ll tell you the amount of love, exuberance and vigor you hold inside yourself for the other person. A kiss, without a doubt will surely changes your life.

“The mouth is made for communication, and nothing is more articulate than a kiss.”
― Jarod Kintz

It’s produced by Blain, one of the producers from Cut Video, who travelled to 11 countries in 30 days and showed couples kissing without their notice.

This Video aptly tells you how a kiss can ruin away all the Geographical Boundaries and tells that mankind is the only human nature which prevails in the world.

Rohith Seelamsetty

Author: Rohith Seelamsetty

Blogger,Trekker and Entrepreneur!
Rohith is a passionate iconoclast who loves to get the information from air to paper.
Curator at Storygag and even expresses his opinions through it.

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