Model lost 95% of her jaw to cancer, poses for photo shoot is an example of true dignity and bravery!

Elizaveta Bulokhova, a successful fashion model famous for posing for Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazar received a heart breaking news from her doctor  after a series of biopsies when they said she had jaw osteosarcoma – a cancer which attacks the bone. She suspected it when she felt an inflammation in her jaw and was painful.

A model, whose whole career is dependent on her body and her physical appearance, this was the worst news for her. She and her partner  Roman Troubetskoi had on the other hand a news of having a baby which they could not cherish as she was diagnosed with cancer at the same time.

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But, this 25 years old brave girl did not lose hope and energy to fight the tumor and giving birth to a healthy baby. The doctors could not start the chemotherapy as she was pregnant and that could affect the baby which was a higher priority to Eliza and Roman. Miraculously, she gave birth to a baby boy, Valentin, 10 weeks premature through C section, but a remarkably healthy and adorable child.

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A week after which her chemo started and unfortunately the doctors decided that her jaw needs to be 95% surgically  removed.  The Surgery went on for 16 hours and Eliza says “Surgeons used a fibula bone from my right leg, and nerve and skin tissue harvested from leg, arm, hip and shoulder to perform reconstructive surgery on my jaw.” She had to learn walking again, she couldn’t eat because her mouth was wired, had to eat through a tube sent through her nose.

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It appears as a traumatic incident to us but Eliza was all about the strength and courage. She could have fallen apart as being a model but she did not lose herself due to this tragic disease. She believes that the doctors have done a remarkable job saving her she looks beautiful posing for the photo shoot.  She did this photo shoot with her photographer friend Manolo Ceron and wanted to embrace her scars because she feels and she is amazingly beautiful. They shot it with colorful makeup and bright colors making her look confident and fearless.

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By this photo shoot she wants to convey the world how to be strong in whatever the situation might be and have faith. She is a true inspiration to all the cancer patients and with her story she will surely encourage their fight and make them stronger. She also wants people to be aware of all kinds of cancer and can contribute in charities like Cancer Research UK. She is a real hero in eyes of everyone.

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