This outstanding video has the right message for the eve teasers out there!

Today most of the girls of various ages are experiencing staring and random eve teasing on streets, malls etc. It doesn’t depend on what age you are, what clothes you wear and what complexion of you are, but it’s just that “You are a Girl“.  

Even staring at a girl can make them uncomfortable, many girls react, many don’t. But, I appeal to the girls that don’t change your attire or anything because of the creeps that you find in streets. It’s your world too, it’s your country too and you have all the rights to wear and go wherever you want. You will get this even if you are wearing a skirt or even if you are in a Burka.  They blame the girls who wear short clothes/sleeveless clothes that “If she is exposing herself , why shouldn’t we look. It means that she wants it”, let me get this straight, she is not wearing them to get raped or to get awful comments from you retards, it’s just that she is comfortable in it and it’s her choice.

I don’t say every guy is bad, but blaming the girls for what they are is a wrong judgement. But, you don’t worry girls, you have all the freedom in this world and you have got all the laws to support you. So, before you get scared and run or become uncomfortable, just remember that it’s not your fault. Remember that a complaint in police station or a slap in the face for an vulgar treatment is not a bad decision for you. You deserve to be proud of yourself and be liberal.

This video shows the face of all the indecent boys /men out there making the country look bad. This is one of the reason which arose the statement  “This country is not safe for a women”.


Namrata Dutta

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