Samsung set to regain share in SmartPhone market? Releases Note5 and S6 Edge+!

SAMSUNG today released two new flagship products Note5 and S6 edge+. “Will Samsung regain its market with this release?”

This post focuses on the Note5’s specs and features. The specs and features of Note5 are best of it’s Galaxy Note Family with a Spectacular Exterior design, the S Pen and a whole lot of new features and services that come packed!

Samsung Note5

Although there are no significant additions to hardware except for the design, the features and services are what make Note5 stand out from its predecessors. Samsung has figured out how to bring the best out of its hardware.

S Pen

The stylus which is called the S Pen is capable of doing more and better. The S Pen can be pulled from the Phone by a click, when you pull out the S Pen a set of dedicated menus appear for you to work with. With the new S Pen you can now make better notes with your own handwriting and also sign PDFs!

Youtube Live Streaming

Note5 has built in capability to stream your videos live to YouTube. With a 16MP rear and 5MP front camera a high quality videos can be streamed Live! on the go.

Samsung Pay

Similar to what Apple and Google did with Apple pay and Google pay, Samsung announced the launch date of it’s own “Samsung Pay” service to help its customers eliminate the use of cash and debit/credit cards. This service is expected to be launched on Aug 20.


MultiWindow feature has been implemented on MS Windows 10 and will be available on Apple’s upcoming OS X El Capitan and rumored to come on iPads. When you have a screen as big as 5.7 inch and a resolution of 2,560 x 1,080, working on multiscreen seems like a good use of resource. Thats what Samsung has done with Note5.

Faster Charging and Longer Battery

Samsung claims that Note5 can be charged fully in 90 minutes and with a wireless charger it takes 120 minutes. With a 3000mAh battery and new battery saver options, users can spend more time with the phone and less time charging it!

These are the few features that stand out from previous Galaxy Note Phones. Other features include improvements in hardware with an Octa core processor, 32/64GB of flash memory, better front and rear camera with added functionalities and super AMOLED display that come with most Samsung devices.


Whether Samsung can regain its marketshare against its biggest rivals Apple and Google which are rumored to release an iPhone 6S and Nexus devices this fall? Lets wait and watch!

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