Sonakshi Sinha Apologises To Sarvjeet Through Her Twitter Account! Respect To Her!

Our country India, being a traditional country, always have a slight favour for what Women say when there are valid points from both sides of the gender.

It has been prevalent with the recent Jasleen Kaur case in New Delhi, in which this lady went over the accused Sarvjeet Singh on Social Media and where the whole news has become a sensation in our country and even Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj came to rescue the accused.

After that, Sarvjeet Singh came forth with his version of the events, a witness explaining the events and the tables turned. People are now accusing Jasleen of having framed Sarvjeet and taking advantage of her position as a woman.

Many people have come to pity with Sarvjeet Kaur and among those, Sonakshi Sinha came out to Twitter to express her discontent over the way things have turned out recently in this case:

We hope that Justice takes place and Kudos to Sonakshi Sinha for coming out to speak her feelings!

Rohith Seelamsetty

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