Honest Reviews | Srimanthudu – A half baked cake with some tasty icing!

Mahesh Babu is an actor with a universal appeal. He is probably the only actor who has equal percentage of fans of all genders and sections.

His last two expeditions on the silver screen have been disappointing for him as well as the fans. After an year of waiting & craving, Sirmanthudu hits the theaters to quench the thirst of Mahesh Babu and his fans. Unfortunately, just like his previous ventures, this film turns out to be a disappointment instead of inspiration which the makers have been promising. Here’s my review of much awaited film Srimanthudu.





Harsha (Mahesh Babu), the only son of multi millionaire Ravikanth (Jagapathi Babu) is an introvert. He is goal less, has least interest in family business but keeps himself ahead to help the needy. This really disturbs Ravikanth as he expects Harsha to take care of the family business. However, the goal less and sometimes clueless Harsha meets Chaarusheela (Shruti Hassan) in a friend’s party and gets attracted to her. In due course of expressing his love to Chaarusheela, he comes to know about his hometown and it’s condition. Chaarusheela rejects him. The rest of the story is all about how Harsha reaches this hometown, adopts the whole village and saves the village from the tyrant SASI (Sampath) and his Politican brother (Mukesh Rishi).


Srimanthudu is one big example of how commercialism kills a noble thought. The noble concept of adopting villages and helping the needy in this film is taken over by unnecessary fights, over populated screen and more nonsensical drama enough to turn a film into a daily soap. Well the makers of the film seems to have hit the bulls-eye in reaching and inspiring the youth as informed during the promotions but for all wrong reasons. We do not know how many must have opted to adopt villages do something for their roots but they soon will buy bicycles no matter how costly they are.

Artistes Performance:

Mahesh Babu as Harsha has nothing much to prove as an actor. He just stares at the camera for a while, throws a punch dialogue and leaves us asking for more. But considering the stories he chooses, he is expected to bring his ace game. He acts well in some scenes, fights brilliant this time but surely takes us back to his antics at times. It’s a no for me this time.

Shruti Hassan as Chaarusheela plays an important role in this movie. Her character reminds us of Janaki (Kamalini Mukherjee) from Gamyam. She is supposed to be the motivation factor but she lacks the charm and doesn’t provide any impact.

Jagapathi Babu as Ravikanth is the one of the relief this time. He is ageing well and choosing his roles really good. He plays a dotting and confused father who is unable to understand the needs of his grown up son. Jagapathi Babu proves he is a potential actor and has many more tricks in his hat for us before his retirement.

Vennela Kishore as Appa rao aka Appi is the only comic relief apart from Mahesh Babu himself. He doesn’t make you laugh out loud but makes you smile with his innocence.

I could have written much more about the likes of Rajendra Prasad, sukanya, Subbaraju, Rahul Ravindran, Sampath and others but it wouldn’t mean anything as their characters are in this film.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad has nothing new to provide except for his new gigs of putting some indie singers to at least one song in his albums these days. Let it be Apache Indian for Iddarammailatho or RAGHU DIXIT for Srimanthudu, he truly surprises you and makes you believe that you can still expect something from him. Jaago is the best song from Srimanthudu and shall remain for a long time on my playlist.

My Conclusion:

Overall, the movie doesn’t make you ask for more of it. You will just be happy to watch it once. Thanks to Mahesh Babu’s fights & Jagapathi Babu’s screen presence.

I would rate it a 2.5/5

This review was first published here by Ajay.

Author: Ajay Mudunuru

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