This story of a man rescuing abused and injured old dogs will melt your heart today!

Thayne Hamilton and his wife Christine, are the two most beautiful people in the world because nothing is more selfless and noble than helping animals who need them. We always talk about/debate about sexual and mental abuse with humans, but we never talk about the animals, to be more precise, the lovely dogs who are not just tamed as pets are also  physically abused. Thayne and Christine has a dog rescue group called Grey Muzzle Rescue & Sanctuary on Orcas Island in Washington which help the needy dogs.

They started this rescue to save the abused and injured senior dogs in the country. Thayne and Christine have saved around 20 dogs and are in their shelter now which is a peaceful environment as their home. The dogs are free to roam/play on the 5-acre property and live their lives happily. One of their rescue dogs was Lilla, who spent her first 14 years living chained to a slab. She was in the worst condition when she was rescued that her legs were glued to her stomach and she couldn’t walk. But, she is happily managing to walk today with the help of Thayne and wheelbarrow.

Christine, unfortunately couldn’t live long to see the beautiful place to grow into a loving, caring and wholesome place. She left them in 2013, but with the sweetest gesture by letting Thayne not waste money on her cure, but to continue working on the rescue mission that they started together. Thayne indeed honored her wish and he has 20 dogs to take care and many more in the future.

Dogs are literally a man’s best friend if you treat them well. They are the most candid and sweetest creature in earth which are worth giving the love and care they deserve. When Talk It Up TV people came to know about them, they were moved and touched and decided to give Thayne a huge surprise. They felt that their story is worth sharing to the world as an “Act Of Kindness” because we have a very few benevolent people like Thayne and Christine.

If you like to donate for this cause, click here to donate at their gofund page. Check out their story here.


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