Titanic! The sunken ship comes alive as a Turkish Beach Resort! Awesome!

Do you always think about your dream vacation destination as Paris? Well, you should take a look at this Turkish Beach resort which will make you go and make it the topper in your list. This resort in Antalya, Turkey is an inspiration of the famous sunken ship “The Titanic” with a luxurious tint. 

It has a gorgeous and tempting architecture which fulfills the theme of the Titanic ship. It has around 550 rooms with three swimming pools, and Turkish baths, among other amenities. It has got ship railing and lifeboats too which will make you feel like you are sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Want to take a feel of what Jack and Rose had in Titanic, then you should definitely visit this resort for you next vacation trip. Check out the interiors of it in this video.



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