This Traffic Cop’s salary is Rs 6600 even after 19 years and he still works with a smile! Respect!

When was the last time you’ve got fed up with your job and came out? May be 5 years or at most 10 years? In this new millennium, staying in a particular job for a long time is considered as Boredom and the worst part is that stats say that a particular employee changes his job every 2 Years until 45 years.

You may consider this insane, but the Best and most intriguing part is here:

Benudhar Sahu is a traffic policeman who has been working at the busiest intersection of the city of Bhubaneswar for the past 19 years.

He works for 365 days a year without making excuses for taking a day off as he believes God watches him all the time. He gets only INR 6600 with a family of 6 to feed.

His work has been covered by eminent newspapers like The TelegraphBhubaneswar Buzz, Full Odisha and many more.

He is very well known for his commitment in the Traffic Police sector and has even been awarded with the ‘Best Traffic Home Guard’ by the Commissionerate Police in 2014.

This story by TheIncendiaryFilms covers his most inspiring story and we give a huge kudos to him!

We need many Government officials like you Benudhar Sahu! Only then, can our economy move into the league of Developed Countries!

Rohith Seelamsetty

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