A beauty tip from an acid attack survivor, Reshma is the best inspiration of fightback!

If a boy’s think that attacking a girl with acid on her face, makes them look cool or satisfies their ego, then they are wrong. It actually shows how awfully coward they are. We have heard so many cases of acid attacks on girls just because they said no to a boy who liked her. Will you say again that’s it’s the girl’s fault? There are n number of problems that this country is dealing with and this is one of the powerful ones. But have you seen or heard about a guy getting arrested and given imprisonment who has done an acid attack? No. Nobody has. Nobody understands the pain of the girl who loses her identity,her face with no mistake of her own.

Here is Reshma, a survivor, a fighter and a brave heart and a beautiful person with her video explaining the idea of stopping selling of acids lose in the market still with hundreds of attack cases in this country. Such a shame. She is describing it metaphorically with the application of lipstick and how there is a solution to everything.It’s just the step that needs to be taken. Let’s all come together and prohibit the sale of acid openly in this country and give a slap on the face of these acid attackers.

Watch her video and get inspired with her will power and believing that beauty lies in the inside and not on the outside!

Namrata Dutta

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