Why buying the new iPhone will be the best investment yet

Apple’s new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus were released on 9th Sep. There were few new additions that were expected and some rumors such as new battery with fuel cells that were not present with this release. This post will discuss what’s new with the iPhone and why investing your money in this new iPhone is still a good idea!

3D Touch

The new iPhone can react differently based on the pressure you apply on the screen. For example, tapping once on your messages icon will open the messages for you. If you keep pressing you will get a preview on your screen. Almost all apps will have this feature where you can have a preview of messages, mails, pictures, websites, videos and what not. This is made possible by Apple’s Taptic Engine feedback technology.

Preview Almost Anything!

A Faster Processor

A 64-bit A9 chip powers the new iPhone, which means 70% faster CPU and 90% faster GPU to deliver all everything to you faster than its predecessors. These new processor will make Live Photos and 4K videos possible even when the battery size went down to accommodate the Taptic Engine!

iPhone A9 Processor

The most advanced chip ever in a smartphone


New Cameras

For the first time and iPhone has a 12MP rear camera adding more stunning pictures to your gallery. There is a new feature that adds motion and sound to your photos, Live Photos capture the moments before and after the photo is taken. Some call it Gif Image, Apple calls it Live Photos!. The new A9 processor and GPU are what makes these features possible.

Get ready to expect more 4K videos from now on because, iPhone can shoot 4K videos too! You can capture 4K videos, edit them and share on YouTube all using the same phone more like you could do on  a PC. For those who love to take selfies and FaceTime on the phone, there is a 5MP front camera to take better selfies and videos than ever, the screen will now act as the flash for your front camera!


LTE Advanced, newer WiFi

LTE Advanced technology and newer WiFi in the new iPhone speeds up the internet twice as fast its predecessors. The LTE can process up-to 300Mbps and WiFi can go up to 866Mbps. This is conditional upon the fact that your internet provider can match up its speeds with the new technology. 23 LTE bands are supported, which means you can carry your iPhone anywhere in the world while roaming and have a better experience with all networks!

Why you should still buy it!

The price of remains the same as the previous iPhone 6/6s model, even after adding 3D touch, newer processors, better cameras, more intelligent siri and network capabilities. Some rumored features such as a new fuel cell powering the battery and a new design are missing. Apple claims battery in the new phones last the same duration as the earlier versions, this is justifiable as there is a new Taptic engine and newer processors in the phone.

Nevertheless, the new iPhone is something you can definitely invest in. As this phone has paved way to new features that will be common in the future iPhones. You should prefer buying the 64GB or more (there is no 32GB version with this release) versions as the photos with new cameras will take up more space on your phone. Also you can now choose from 4 different colors.

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