You can save your memories on this App! This Hyderabadi Startup is making it big!

So, what are the things you do to keep your memories intact? Maybe write a Diary or ask your friends with whom you have shared your incident with. If you don’t get any leads on your memory, what do you do? You may curse your memory and luck and go on with your work. This has what challenged Sai Kiran Gunda to open an Online Memory log known as Memilog to write your memories and cherish them long after that.

Sai Kiran (Right) with his Team

This is how the journey went out in the answers of Sai Kiran, the CEO of Memilog and how he transformed Memilog from Hyderabad to Global presence:

1. What were you doing with your life prior to starting Memilog?

Since childhood, I’ve been making and saving memories. And after joining college, a lot more memories happened.  So it was never like before Memilog. The term is very much synonymous with memories and has always been there in some or the other form of a memory with me. Just that, saving all of them in one place always used to bother me.

2. Was there a particular event or incident that sparked the concept for Memilog?

There was this time when my sister was flying for the US and to bid farewell we’ve ordered her a nice cake. Exactly, a year later, i.e., on the same date, we received a message on phone from the bakers reminding us about the memory. As everybody forgot about it, we then called her up and celebrated the long year that has passed within no time. That’s also where I conceived the concept of Memilog from.

3. Why did you name it Memilog? What is the core philosophy behind your start up?

I believe everyone’s life is inspiring powerful, which is always worth giving it a look back. Hence memories are an invaluable treasure to cherish for a lifetime. That’s precisely the core philosophy behind it.

And as part of my naming convention, I was ideating on the word mem. Storemem, memorypal, memoryproject, tdty (this day that year), and other such names have been a few options. While one day as we were developing our website, we visited our error log, which kept a track of all the errors, and then suddenly that flashed a thought in my mind giving birth to memlog. It was further modified to Mem-I-Log, meaning Memories that I log.

4. How does Memilog work?

Memilog runs like a website and also an app. Simply login to use, store and look back.

5. What were some of the most difficult challenges you faced while starting up? How did you deal with them?

Sai Kiran with his Interns and Employees in Collab house, Hyderabad

To be true, I didn’t quite face mere challenges as such. But if I have to point out, it was when I had to convince two of my friends, who are kickass app developers to join me, which never happened. But I believe everything happens for a reason and I worked it out my way by bringing in equally good substitutes to fill their place. And things have been going great. 🙂

6. Who all are your core team composed of? What is your working dynamic?

My core team consists of six people who are as mad as I am. Our ideation keeps happening in the back of our minds and we keep executing our nothing-like-it ideas.

Our working dynamics include generating ideas to developing our product, including campaigning, marketing and all that it takes.

7. How has life changed post starting up?

Life has definitely changed post starting up. I’m much more confident, energetic, and famous. And each day is a new memory. 😀

8. What does the future look like for Memilog?

I see Memilog will go places, and hence will take us places as well. It is one of a kind and will be. Because, we are a team of people who only love what we do. 

We hope Sai Kiran gets the right impetus to achieve his long- term goal and take our startups to global level. Do get in touch with Memilog with their Facebook page and store your cherished memories!

Sai Kiran showing his Memilog’s future!

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