Indian Railway Launches Vacuum Toilets For The First Time! See How It Functions!

Indian Railways have adopted the concept of vacuum toilets for the first time in its history and they are so awesome! 

The trial run is launched in Dibrugarh Rajdhani on 14 September.


Representational Picture


Vacuum toilets are currently operational in aircrafts. This is how they look!



This is how it functions:

When a flush is activated compressed air flows through the vacuum pump (ejector) and a vacuum is created in the intermediate tank. The bowl is rinsed. The inlet valve opens and the contents of the bowl is discharged into the intermediate tank.

As soon as the valve has closed, the system increases the pressure in the intermediate tank. The outlet valve opens and the contents of the intermediate tank is transported into the waste water tank.

Kudos to Indian Railways for this new concept and hope this gets successful!

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