Meet the “Road Doctor” Of Hyderabad who repaired more than 1000 potholes alone in 5 years!

What would one do after retirement? May be wail the time, reminiscence the memories and so on. But, when you hear this story of a true Legend, you would be totally wrong.

He wakes early in the morning not to drink Tea and read Newspaper, but to repair the “Potholes” all around Hyderabad.

He has filed 1150+ potholes until now and he’s still counting at the age of 66 years. Get to know about Gangadhar Tilak Katnam, “The Road Doctor” of Hyderabad and the work which he has been doing since 5 years!

Do you think he’s out of the Moon person? Then, you are totally wrong. He’s Railway Retired Officer from a middle- class background who gives the true example of  “Be The Change You Want To See In This World”.

This is how his journey started:

On his first day to work at Infotech after retirement from Railway Services, he was trying his best to maneuver his Fiat car on road near his home is with full of potholes. As careful and considerate he was to the pedestrians he could not help splashing muddy water from one of the potholes onto the neatly starched uniform of a little girl on her way to school. Her mother walking her to the school was not spared either. Though totally unintentional and unavoidable he deeply regretted his mistake and he immediately got off the car and expressed his apology to the mother and the daughter. The mother and child walked away indifferently paying no heed to his sincere apology.

The condition of the roads has reached such an abysmal state that the grief of failing infrastructure has reached indifference. This has given him the impetus to work for the eradication of potholes and he never stopped after that.

He carries his work daily in the following manner:

The backseat of his car always has a few gunny bags full of tar mixed gravel, which he collects from roadsides. Starting his venture with five bags, Gangadhara’s car now carries eight to ten such bags which are emptied whenever a pothole is spotted. Since the job required much attention, he even left his job at Infotech.

He has now filled more than 1150+ Potholes and this great man is still counting!

He puts,”“I want the government to take prompt actions because potholes are very dangerous. In Hyderabad, GHMC is utilizing 30 trucks of BT mix material daily to fill the potholes. If transparency is maintained about the daily movement and utilization of these 30 trucks, there will not be any potholes on the roads. It may be the similar problem in other cities/town also and if transparency is maintained in pothole filling, we can save thousands of crores of Rupees nation-wide and can ensure pothole-free roads,”

We salute him for his great work and do get in touch with him through his website. Kudos to you old man!

Rohith Seelamsetty

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