This project by an Indian, Pranav Mistry, paved the way for todays’s Augmented Reality

This Project called SixthSense which involves Indian Tech Genius Pranav Mistry was unveiled six years ago. Had this technology been into production, this Augmented Reality product would have been the next big thing after the Smartphone revolution.

pranav Mistry

The projects involves interacting with the computer using hand gestures and using a tiny projector instead of a screen and would give a user realtime information which today is called as Augmented Reality. In the video below Pattie Maes who lead of this project at MIT Media labs said that this technology can cost as less as $350 while it goes into mass production.

For reasons such as Advancement in hardware and porting issues this never went into production. However, this paved way to upcoming Augmented Reality products that Microsoft and other forefront tech companies will unveil in the future. The question is can Microsoft or its competitors manufacture this device at a low cost as Pattie told!

Have a glimpse at what other interesting researching is going on at MIT Media Labs Click here

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