Before Steve Jobs there was Howard Hughes, The Aviator!

He went on to build a radio at age of 11, built a motorcycle from his father’s steam engine by 12, produced movies by 22, set airspeed records by 30. Sounds like a technology genius doesn’t he.

You think Steve Jobs was the only one who had success with technology and movies! well, there was another guy. His name was Howard Hughes who was born at the beginning of 20th Century and what a daredevil he turned out to be.


Self-made Billionaire

Born to an affluent family which owned oil-drill tool manufacturing, both his parents died by the time he was 19 years of age and he was the sole owner of his family’s fortune. He used some this fortune to produce and direct Hollywood movies such as Arabian Knights, Scarface and the most expensive film of the time  “Hell’s Angels” with a whopping $3.8 million budget in 1930! and dated contemporary actresses like Katharine Hepburn and Ava Gardner. He has also invested heavily in real estate and owned undeveloped land in Las Vegas, which today would cost billions.

Hughes Aircraft

Hughes was a himself a pilot and an Aerospace engineer, his company Hughes Aircraft designed and built aircrafts, Hughes himself is said to be involved in designing the aircrafts. Besides that he would be involved in testing these aircrafts and would use some of these aircrafts to set air-speed records as fast as 566 km/h on his Hughes H-1 Racer. He also set a record for “Round the world flight” in 91 hours.

Many of his designs inspired feature present in today’s military aircrafts. Even though he knew it was risky to test these planes, he would do it and ended up in a fatal crash in 1946 flying the XF-11 prototype of  U.S. Army Air Force. That crash didn’t stop Hughes from further flying or testing aircrafts! And later he would buy the Airline company Trans World Airlines(TWA).

The Aviator Movie

The story of his life is depicted in the Biographical movie “The Aviator” with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Howard Hughes. Get ready to be surprised when you learn more about Hughes in this movie. Have a look.

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