Woah! A giant replica of Vatican by a priest made by Lego bricks is absolutely spellbounding!

Simon, a priest in Philadelphia had a thought, he wanted to build a replica of something he thinks is amazing and yes we all think so too. He decided to build Vatican but just with Lego bricks. It took him 2 years to gather that many lego bricks to start the construction in the first place. Finally, he began building it in September 2014.

The sculpture in Vatican that he wanted to bring alive was St. Peter’s Basilica and the surrounding St. Peter’s Square. From the basilica, a tiny pope waves to the crowd — which includes townspeople, iPhone-wielding nuns and a Lego Elvis Presley. In total, around half a million bricks were used. It took him around 10 months to complete the whole thing and he used Lego bricks which shows the kind of dedication and focus he has given to this particular piece to become what it is.




This remarkable sculpture will be displayed alongside the Franklin Institute’s “Vatican Splendors” exhibition. It has already glued many viewers and more to come. Hats off to this gentleman.

Listen to him explain his efforts in this video.

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